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Incident Reporting


An incident is an unplanned occurrence that resulted or could have resulted in injury to people; or damage to property, equipment, or the environment.  When an incident is reported promptly, injured persons receive timely medical care, and unsafe conditions are quickly corrected.

The EHS Office investigates work-related incidents to identify incident trends, the effectiveness of current safety programs, and to prevent similar incidences from occurring.


Employees must report any and all work-related injuries or incidents to their supervisor immediately upon occurrence. Depending upon the severity of the injury, employees may need to seek immediate medical attention. In cases such as this, the injured employee's supervisor must receive knowledge of the incident as soon as possible.

For work-related injuries not requiring immediate medical attention, the employee's supervisor must have knowledge of the incident prior to the employee leaving the premises.  Employees should forward all relevant Worker's Compensation paperwork personally received to Human Resources to ensure proper and expedient processing of their claim.


Supervisors must report any work-related injury or incident to the EHS Office by means of completing the Employee Incident Report below within 24 hours of occurrence.

In addition, any medical information received by the supervisor subsequent to the incident should be forwarded to Human Resources.

TAMUK Student Incident Report

TAMUK Employee Incident Report

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