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Veterans Benefits

Programs are approved for those who wish to attend and receive benefits under the Veterans Readjustment Benefits Act of 1966,  Post-Vietnam Era Veterans Educational Assistance Program, the Veteran's Educational Act of 1984, Chapter 1606 (formerly 106), Reservists' Education Bill, Chapter 30, Chapter 33, Veterans Administration (VA) Education Bill of 1986, and dependents qualified for VA Educational Benefits.

Students attending with the aid of veterans benefits should inquire about Veterans Affairs Office through the Javelina Enrollment Services Center located in the Memorial Student Union Building, Prior to Registration, to obtain needed information relative to their enrollment and "certification" of attendance to the Veterans Administration.  All new students must furnish the Veterans Affairs Office a copy of their DD214(Member 4) or a certified DD214 from the county court clerk of their respective county.  The Veteran must also furnish certified copies of marriage certificates, divorce certificates, and dependents' birth certificates, if applicable.

Students must provide approved, signed degree plans to Veterans Affairs Office prior to certification of their initial semester. Degree plans are available through the Counseling Office or through departmental advisors.  The Veteran's Administration will not pay educational benefits for courses taken which do not appear on the students approved degree plan, nor will they pay for courses previously taken and successfully completed.   All transcripts from previous schools attended must be evaluated and appropriate credit applied to the approved degree plan.  A delay in this will cause a delay in future certifications for educational benefits.

Transfer students should have copies of all previous college transcripts for initial counseling sessions.  It is the student's responsibility to inform Veterans Affairs Office of any changes in enrollment status.  The monthly rates of payment to veterans are provided for by Public Law 94-302.

Veterans should have military credit evaluated at the close of the first semester or upon the successful completion of 12 semester hours and furnish Veterans Affairs Office with a copy of their updated degree plan.  Also, any transfer credit from prior education need to be evaluated before the close of the first semester and a copy of an updated degree plan must be furnished to Veterans Affairs Office.

TAMUK certifies every semester.  To be certified for continuous enrollment, you must notify the Veterans Affairs Office on campus, prior to these periods, of your registration intentions.

To be certified, you must turn in all complete documentation to the Veterans Affairs Office on campus.  For more information, please contact the Veteran Affairs Office at (361)593-4421 or come by the Veterans Affairs Office in person.