University Scholarships

Transfer Students

How to Accept Your Scholarship

Students will be notified that they have been selected for a scholarship via their TAMUK email.  You will accept your scholarship through the Javelina Scholarships portal and JNET using your Student ID (for example, KUABC123) and password. If you have already been offered a scholarship, you can view your award details under the “Awards” tab in Javelina Scholarships.

If you have not received your Student ID or Username (for example, KUABC123), you may access it by going to the University Password Update Page

  • Next to Applicant/Faculty/Staff ID enter your Applicant ID number (for example, K12345678) that was included in the email correspondence from Texas A&M-Kingsville. (If you do not know your Applicant ID number, log on to your JNET Student Portal to retrieve it using your Social Security Number.)
    • You will use your birth date using six digits with no dashes (mmddyy). For example, if your birth date is December 15, 2001, you will use 121501.  Then, when you are ready, choose the “Next” button to continue.
    • In the next screen, you will verify your identity using the last four digits of your Social Security Number or the first two letters of your last name.
  • You will see your Student ID or University username (for example, KUABC123) and University email address. You will continue to use your Student ID or Username to log in to JNET throughout your time at Texas A&M-Kingsville.
  • Once you have your Student ID or University username, you can use it to create your password. 

You will use your Student ID or University username (for example, KUABC123) and password to access Javelina Scholarships to accept your scholarship and apply for additional scholarship opportunities. 

When will my scholarship be posted to my student account?

  • Scholarships will feed directly over to a student’s account and usually take 1-2 weeks to post once post-acceptance requirements are completed
  • Student aid will begin to disburse 7 days before 1st class day.

What is post-acceptance?

  • Recognition of our donors is a very important step in ensuring the continuation of their support. Post-acceptance is the thank you letter process that is associated with the scholarship opportunity. Most scholarships require a thank you letter to the donor of the scholarship. This process can be completed at the Office of Development on the second floor of College Hall.

Questions? Call 361-593-JESC (5372), or you may access Join JNET for additional details.