Javelina Enrollment Services Center


Important Dates and Deadlines

When will my bill be calculated?

  • August 2 - Student Business Services will post bills. Notifications will be sent out via email.

When will my aid pay out?

  • August 10 - Available aid will be moved to your student account with Student Business Services. Please remember aid will only be applied to those courses that count toward your degree.

When will my refund go out?

  • August 12 - If your aid is MORE than your bill, Student Business Services will begin processing refunds on a weekly basis. Please make sure you have selected a refund preference with BankMobile. If you have not set up a refund preference, please do so by following the instructions on the Business Services website.

When is the payment deadline?

  • August 11 - If your aid is LESS than your bill, you will have to make necessary payment arrangements or set up a payment plan to prevent your courses from being dropped. The payment plan option will open immediately after bills are calculated. Please Note: Until disbursed, financial aid CANNOT be used as a down payment for the payment plan. Financial aid will begin disbursing on August 10, 2021.

When is my aid amount(s) actually determined?

  • September 2 - Your financial aid eligibility is based on your major and the enrolled hours that count toward your degree on this date. At that time, your aid may be adjusted, and you may be responsible for any amount due. More information can be found here on your Financial Aid Terms and Condition

Where can I find important dates and deadlines?