Types of Financial Aid

Work-Study Employment

The Work-Study Program offers an opportunity for our undergraduate and graduate students with financial need to seek employment on- and off-campus by allowing them to earn money to help pay for educational expenses.  Eligible students are offered a generic work-study award, which may vary per student. The generic award helps students market themselves within TAMUK for work-study positions.

Under the Work-Study Program, students gain valuable work experience, lifelong professional skills, and network in their field of interest. Employment also exposes students to more mentor-type relationships and higher interactions with professionals in a variety of fields.

TAMUK offers various Work-Study programs for students such as Federal or State.

Students who work an average 10-15 hours per week have demonstrated:

  • Higher GPA averages
  • Less likely to drop out
  • More job skills on your resume
  • Better time management

Once awarded Work-Study as part of their financial aid package, it is up to the student to find an approved job. Available jobs and their description can be found via JavelinaCareers, once a profile has been created.

Work-study does not pay for tuition and fees; nor does it get disbursed with other financial aid awards. Students earn their work-study award by working up to 19 hours a week in our student employment program.

Supervisors and students are encouraged to work together to monitor earnings and avoid exceeding the award amount.

Learn more:

In order to be awarded Work-Study, students must have completed a FAFSA or TASFA and have need in their financial aid package.  Interested students may submit a request here.

  • Apply for financial aid by submitting a FAFSA or TASFA application
  • Be a U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, or a Texas Resident with valid Employment Authorization card
  • Be in a financial aid eligible degree program
  • Be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for the duration of employment
    • This applies to Federal and Texas State Work-Study
  • Meet TAMUK’s Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Access and login to the JNet Connection
  • From the Main Menu, select “Paying for College” Tab
  • In the middle of the Main Menu, select “Blue and Gold Main Menu”
  • Select ‘Student & Financial Aid’ from the Blue & Gold Main Menu
  • In the Student & Financial Aid Menu, select ‘Financial Aid’
  • In the Financial Aid Menu, select ‘Award’
  • Select the Aid Year you are inquiring using the drop down box and select ‘submit’
  • Select the Accept Award Offer tab and make a decision which items you would like to accept or decline

JavelinaCareers will have available job postings for all types of student employment positions, not just work-study. The Financial Aid Office does not provide job placement, therefore, you will need to actively search and apply for positions which are of interest to you and that you are qualified for. Students will need to “sign up for a new account” and thoroughly complete their profile.

 Through JavelinaCareers, students can include their resume, class schedule, and a cover letter to help make applying for jobs easier. JavelinaCareers also helps students build their student profile to help university departments search for candidates. The more questions students answer about themselves, the more marketable they become!

 Students will be able to apply on-line to positions they are interested in and qualified for. At this point, the department will contact students for an interview. Students must take a copy (printout) of their award letter to the interview . Once hired, students will need to complete the Federal Work-Study employment packet with their Department supervisor and finalize all required processes with HR before being able to start working.

Visit Career Engagement in-person, virtual, or by phone, they are ready to help. Located across from Starbucks in the Memorial Student Union Building. If you prefer to make an appointment, contact us at or 361-593-2217 to arrange something that works for your schedule.


Work-study Calculator



  1. Post the job on  Handshake.
  2. Select the individual.
  3. Send  RPS form to  Export Control Delegate.
  4. Ensure the student is cleared and that the delegate has saved results in the University Audit Share Drive.
  5. Send  Background Check Authorization form to the  University Police Department.
  6. Upon receipt of a clear background check, initiate the hire business process in Workday.
  7. You will receive an email from HR asking you to send the student to the Human Resources Office with their:
  8. Social Security Card
    • Necessary to create a UIN if the student has never worked for Texas A&M University – Kingsville
    • A copy can be brought into the office if they are not using this document for I-9 documentation
  9. I-9 documentation
  10. After the student completes their I-9, the student will bring a Gold Card I-9 receipt to the department.
  11. The student is  eligible to work  after completing an I-9. Please wait for the student to bring you their gold card, and refer to their "Hire Date in Workday" before scheduling them to work.
  12. Complete Terms and Conditions Docu-Sign paperwork

Please let Human Resources know if you need to change the hire date, or the business process needs to be cancelled. If you are unsure about where the student's Hire Business process is currently sitting during the On-boarding process, please use the Workday Report On-boarding Status Summary Report.  

  Gold Card

The information above is located on Human Resources website:



** As per Human Resources, if a student worker does not enroll in summer classes, but will be back in the Fall semester (Verify that they are enrolled) , the department does not have to terminate them in Workday. However, if the department chooses to terminate them in Workday and they plan to rehire at the start of the Fall semester, they will need to complete a Background check before rehiring the student.

Please complete the Terms and Conditions docusign document below.

            Work-Study Hour Tracker Excel Sheet