Undergraduate Admission

Office of Admissions

ACT Residual Registration and Fees

Testing Fee : $55

Registration Procedures

To make a reservation, please visit TAMUK Marketplace. Report to the testing site 10-15 minutes early with picture I.D., ACT-approved calculator (optional) and pencils

Score Results

The ACT Residual is graded locally. The test results are sent to the Office of Admission and are available the following business day after 3 p.m.

What To Bring

The ACT Residual consists of four paper-pencil, multiple-choice tests: English (45 minutes), Mathematics (60 minutes), Reading (35 minutes) and Science Reasoning (35 minutes). Allowing time to fill in personal data, the test takes approximately four hours to take.

ACT-approved calculators are allowed on the Mathematics test, but are not required. The following types of calculators are NOT allowed:

  • pocket organizers
  • handheld or laptop computers
  • electronic writing pads or pen-input devices
  • models with a QWERTY (typewriter) keypad
  • models with paper tapes
  • models that make noise
  • models that can communicate (transfer data or information) wirelessly with other calculators
  • models that require a power cord
  • Casio: CFX-9970G and Algebra fx 2.0
  • Texas Instruments TI-89 and TI-92
  • Hewlett-Packard: HP-40G and HP-49G