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Funded Projects

Studies on the Mechanical Behavior of Woven Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites Subjected to Marine Environmental Conditions

Through this work, we are developing lightweight fiber reinforced composites materials made using combination of woven glass and carbon fabrics reinforcing thermoset polymer enhanced by incorporating nanoclay for naval applications. Being lighter, stronger, and more durable than the current generation of materials used, they will provide solution to naval structures, particularly to withstand harsh moisture and temperature extremities a typical naval structure is subjected to. Thermoset polymers like epoxies when combined with nanoclay that are organically modified to chemically interact, both with the polymer as well as reinforcing fibers, provide stronger interfacial bonding between the fibers and polymer, but also perform better over longer period of time, especially when subjected to harsh environment like elevated/cold temperatures in presence of moisture. While there have been many studies on hybrid composites and nanocomposites, there are not many studies in open literature where hybrid composites made with nanophased polymers are investigated for their performances after subjecting them to marine environmental conditions. In our prior studies, we have investigated the tensile, flexural, thermal and thermomechanical, and fatigue responses of polymers modified with nanoclay, carbon nanotubes and nanofibers with both glass and carbon fibers subjected to marine environmental conditions. Results of our studies have indicated that addition of nanoparticles enhanced both static as well as fatigue properties of composites. In the current study, we are investigating the properties of hybrid woven fiber reinforced composites after exposing them to cold temperatures and moisture, over a prolonged period. Static and dynamic properties that include fatigue and low-velocity impact loading are being determined. Fundamental studies are being carried out to determine the properties at nanoscale using a nanoindentation setup.

Funding Agency: Department of Defense

Project Period: July 2020 - July 2024

Funded Amount: $659,999.00

  • Md. Sarower Tareq, Bodiuzzaman Jony, Shaik Zainuddin, Mohammad Al Ahsan, Mahesh V Hosur, “Fatigue analysis and fracture toughness of graphene reinforced carbon fibre polymer composites,” Fatigue Fract Eng Mater Struct. 2021; 44:461-474. doi:10.1111/ffe.13371.
  • Md Sarower Tareq, Mahesh Hosur, Shaik Zainuddin, Bodiuzzman Jony, Mohammad Al Ahsan, "Enhanced fatigue, fracture, and viscoelastic properties of graphene reinforced carbon fiber polymer composites," proceedings of the SAMPE 2021 Virtual Conference.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mahesh Hosur

Research Staff

1) Dr. Nitilaksha Hiremath (Postdoctoral Researcher)

2) Ms. Vidyarani Murthy (Research Associate)