Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering Degree Plan

Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Accredited by the CAC of the ABET


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All general education elective courses must be chosen from the approved elective list, after discussions with the academic advisor.

*COMS 2374, or ENGL 2374 is strongly recommended.

**The approved electives must be selected with the consent of the student’s adviser and would normally be more advanced courses in computer science, information systems, mathematics, statistics or one of the sciences taken in the freshman and sophomore years. However, a meaningful sequence of courses in any discipline, such as engineering or agriculture, may be taken with the consent of the student’s adviser except that all such courses must be at the 2000- level or above. 

^For courses listed under Core Curriculum “Components” see “General Requirements for Graduation with a Baccalaureate Degree” in an earlier section of this Catalog.

Revised 10/2015

General Education Electives

*Recently added to the general education electives list

^ Creative arts

ARTS 1303, *ARTS 1304
COMM 2304
MUSI 2306, MUSI 2308, MUSI 2310
THEA 2310

^Language, Philosophy and Culture

ANTH 2302
ENGL 2331, ENGL 2342,ENGL 2362
FREN 1311, FREN 1312, FREN 2311, FREN 2312
HIST 2321, HIST 2322
PHIL 1301
SPAN 1313, SPAN 1314, SPAN 1373, SPAN 2301, SPAN 2302, SPAN 2311, SPAN 2312

^Oral communication

COMM 1307
COMS 1311, COMS 1315, COMS 1336, COMS 2374
ENGL 2374 (recommended).

^ Social/Behavioral

ANTH 2301
ECON 2301, ECON 2302
EDKN 2335
EVEN 2372
HSCI 2323
POLS 2304, POLS 2340
PSYC 2301
SOCI 1301, SOCI 1306, SOCI 2361