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Graduation Timeline!

Graduation Timeline

Health & Kinesiology Degree Programs and Rotation

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To see our degree programs please click here. For our tentative course rotation (PDF), click here.

Health & Kinesiology Minors

The Department of Health and Kinesiology offers 6 options for minors in the field. Click here for courses required in each minor.  *The Kinesiology-Physical Education minor is restricted to students pursuing a teacher certification degree in a discipline outside of kinesiology.

Health Minor

With the exception of those on the Sport & Leisure Studies degree plan, kinesiology majors and non-majors may choose to minor in health.

Kinesiology Minors

Non-kinesiology majors may choose to minor in kinesiology.  Students may select from one of the following minors based on their specific interest.

  • Kinesiology-Coaching
  • Kinesiology-Exercise Science
  • Kinesiology-Physical Education
  • Kinesiology-Sport Business
  • Kinesiology-Performance Psychology

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