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Student Internship Benefits

  • Interact with career professionals in your specific major
  • Cultivate your professional development skills and build your confidence
  • Obtain supervision feedback by a career professional in your field
  • Achieve professional business skills and interchangeable awareness of your future career
  • Develop your interpersonal/communication skills and learn more about your work ethics
  • Foster a professional connection network and secure opportunities towards a full time position

Internship guidelines & requirements

Business students have two options when it comes to choosing an internship as their immersion experience. You can choose an internship for immersion experience credit or an internship for academic credit. All internships must be approved by the internship coordinator and the CBA dean’s office prior to the start date.

Once you’ve secured an internship and have read all the guidelines and requirements, you must complete the proper forms depending on which option you choose. Follow the links to find out more information about internship for immersion experience credit or internship for academic credit.

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The best way to start looking for an internship is to register with the Career Services Center. You can find opportunities for on-campus jobs, internships as well as jobs after graduation. The earlier you register with the Career Services Center, the more opportunities will be available for you. Employers may even reach out to you, if they are interested. Visit the Career Services Center to learn more about how to register.

You can also conduct your own internship search. Think outside the box. Internships do not need to be listed as an internship position. They can also be a part-time job or a promotion within your current position. Visit our career search webpage to gain ideas about where you can find internships or job search engines that may support you during your internship exploration.