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Psychology & Sociology

HDFS Minor

Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) offers an interdisciplinary focus on understanding development across the lifespan (from prenatal development to death) in the context of family, society/community and culture. Students who minor in HDFS can choose any of the courses they are interested in to achieve the 18 hour minor requirement. If students want to focus on more developmental aspects, the HD concentration is recommended. Other students interested in sociological processes or family theory, FS concentration may be best!

HDFS courses are offered online, face-to-face or hybrid. Each HDFS course encourages students to get involved in community service, promotes research activities, presentations, and conferences (guided by Dr. Oblad). This minor will add to your resume as well as provide a great supplement to your major to prepare you for graduate school or job entry!

Human Development

Human Development (HD) courses are great for any major. HD courses focus on knowledge and understanding of how humans grow, develop and change; normative and non-normative developmental behaviors, challenges, or changes across each period of life (e.g., adolescence). Students will also study theory and research to better understand how the major domains of development (Physical, Cognitive, Social, and emotional) are influenced by internal and external forces.

Family Studies

Family Studies (FS) courses are likewise a great option for majors that want to focus on understanding the social, physical, and economic needs of families today; resource management; relationship enhancement and maintenance, theory and also research. FS courses will  help students learn to effectively evaluate multiple factors and contexts that individuals and families face while also learning about more about community programs and resources, positive parenting practices, social media use, epidemiology, needs assessment training and more.