Undergraduate Minor in Physics

A minor in physics is a great way for students to strengthen their professional profile through the understanding of the mysteries of our universe. Our department is proud to offer undergraduate students the opportunity to learn problem-solving techniques through the study of Physics.


PHYS 3343 is required, plus additional PHYS (which may include any prerequisites) to total at least 18 semester hours; at least 3 of the additional hours must be advanced. Prospective PHYS minors should consult with their advisor and the physics faculty to identify courses that will meet their needs.

The rest of of the courses can be selected from any Physics course, however, at least 6 of these hours must be advanced. A list of courses offered is available. Students should also consult the course schedule to ensure that the desired courses are offered the semester they wish to take them. 


Students interested in this option should contact the Physics Program at