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For those who love to read and write, think critically and engage with new ideas, welcome to your new home! Our faculty teach with passion and commitment and bring to you exciting new areas of research. If you want to gain a competitive edge in today’s world, look into any of our programs as a way to enhance your communication, research, and public speaking skills. And if you are seeking to further your studies, we now offer a fully online M.A. in Cultural Studies program with concentrations in Spanish and English. Contact the main office if you have any questions. Here at LangLit, you will also find lots of opportunities to engage with likeminded students and get active in student organizations like the English Honors or Spanish Honors Societies. Join one of our publishing teams and help publish our wonderful literary and arts magazines in English and Spanish. Find your community and find your future. Find us at Language and Literature! More Info Dr. Roberto Vela Córdova, Professor of Spanish