Language and Literature


Undergraduate Programs

Language and Literature offers two undergraduate programs:

English and Spanish

Both programs provide students with essential professional skills like critical and analytical thinking, cultural awareness, communication, research, etc. just to name a few.

Career Opportunities

After graduation, our students have lots of different career options to choose from, such as, teaching, publishing, advertising, content development, technical writing, public relations, and many more.

We also offer undergraduate degrees in both English and Spanish with Teaching Certification for those of you who wish to immediately join the noble profession after graduation. Our graduates who are teaching in schools around the country also have the option of getting their master’s degree in Cultural Studies online with an English or Spanish concentration which would make them eligible to teach dual enrollment college level courses!

English Program

The English Program offers an exciting curriculum with lots of scheduling flexibility so that students can choose the courses they find interesting. Our faculty specialize in prison literature, disability studies, postcolonial literatures from around the world, Shakespeare, Chican/x and Latin/x literatures, and digital humanities. For those students interested in rhetoric and composition, you can take classes in style and stylistics, technical writing, and professional communication. Students can also take creative writing courses, and the department organizes creative writing workshops with noted writers every semester.

English Program Mission Statement

The mission of the English Program is to educate undergraduate students in the analysis and interpretation of literature and literary criticism in English, critical reading and research practices, writing, and rhetoric, in order to better prepare emerging writers and educators to be critical and ethical citizens in a complex, dynamic, and global society.

The program offers the following degrees and minors:

BA in English

BA in English with Teaching Certification

English Minor

Writing Minor


Spanish Program

Spanish Program Mission Statement

The Spanish Program provides skills to meet the challenges of your future. Let us guide you through an educational experience designed to meet the needs of your professional career. Develop writing, communication, and language skills while researching the cultural history of South Texas. Join the Spanish Legacy Project as we explore the vast richness of the Hispanic community of the region, or get involved with the Hispanic Honor Society in developing networks for success.

The program offers the following degrees and minors:

BA in Spanish

BA in Spanish with Teaching Certification

Spanish Minor

Spanish Journalism Minor

Exciting Opportunity for Fast Track BA or BS in Spanish!!

If you are able to communicate in Spanish you may take a written and oral examination to determine your level and advance into the Spanish Fast-Track B.A. or B.S. program. You can decide to take courses tailored to your primary degree plan in order to maximize your potential.

Receive up to 12 credits and finish your degree by completing 4 advanced level courses in Spanish.


Spanish Fast-Track Credit Options
Spanish 1-4 (By exam) 12 Credits
Spanish 3xxx and 4xxx 12 Credits