Political Science

Global Studies

Research Assistantships and Internships

Research Assistantships: Political Science Global Programs have limited competitive research assistantships available. Funding might be available for qualified students who assist with projects which, directly serve specific PSGP.  Examples of such projects include the development and management of individual program blogs and the production and editing of film documentaries. Assistantship awards are typically for about $500 and are distributed at the beginning of actual program dates.

Internships: PSGP have internships across the world. These internships generally cover some aspect of public policy.  Examples of such policy areas are: economic development, public health, social services, sustainable development, land management, eco-tourism, and education.  Every effort is made to match backgrounds and interests of students with potential employers. Interns can be from any major.

Internships are developed and managed in consultation with foreign organizations; each internship is customized.

Internships are for about 6-10 weeks sometime over the late-May/early-August period of each year.  They require the payment of fees to foreign employing entities but may come with accommodation and other privileges.  Applications for internships are to be made by late fall or early spring immediately before the summer of intended internship.

Internships are currently available in the following locations:

Internships are through Royal Thimphu College (RTC). RTC will match students with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in Bhutan on a need and availability based criteria.
Internships are available through a partnership with the Center for African Resources: Animals, Communities and Land Use (CARACAL). Projects with CARACAL are likely to have rural community development settings with emphases on sustainable development of communities in areas with major wildlife habitats.
Internships are through various partner institutions. Internships may include multiple projects in diverse policy areas in both rural and urban settings.
Internships are available through a partnership with Naankuse. Depending on the availability, priorities of the partner organization, and qualifications of applicants, interns might be placed to work on multiple projects. Typically, interns will be working on issues related to wildlife research and conservation, sustainable development, land management, public health, and education.
Internships are cooperatively offered through the Summer School & Continuing Education at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand (UO). Interns might be placed within UO or with an external organization.