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Political Science


Nancy Phaup Global Studies Fund

The Nancy Phaup Global Studies Fund is established in memory of Nancy Phaup, the late wife of Dr. J.D. Phaup, Professor Emeritus at TAMU-K. J.D. was a professor of political science at TAMU-K for over forty years. Nancy was a faculty member at TAMU-K’s Department of Language and Literature prior to teaching in a local high school for many years. Nancy loved exploring the world through the beauty of literature. This Fund celebrates Nancy’s love of the wider world by assisting students to do the same.

Hellmut & Beata Hartwig Global Studies Fund

This Fund, in honor of the late parents of Dr. Richard Hartwig, political science professor at TAMU-K, supports selective student projects when implemented as part of Political Science Global Programs. Professor Hellmut and Mrs. Beata Hartwig believed deeply in expanding the horizons of college students. They were closely involved in higher education for many years through their association with Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

Blas and Graciela Ruiz Global Studies Fund

Blas Ruiz and his wife Graciela raised ten children in Alice, Texas, America. In 1944, he joined the US Navy, where he served his country for five years, including nine months in the Asia-Pacific Theatre during World War II.  After receiving an honorable discharge, he worked as a truck driver for several companies in the South Texas area. Blas and Graciela Ruiz taught their children the importance of a good work ethic. One thing his son, Dr. Albert Ruiz, Dean, College of Education & Human Performance, TAMU-K, would love to tell them, “Thanks for instilling in me a hard work ethic and the perseverance that I have… I love you and this is in your honor.”