Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Dr. Apurba Bhatacharya


Curriculum Vitae 

Undergraduate Work: B.S. Chemistry, Calcutta University, India: 1974

Graduate Work: M.S. Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology. Kanpur, India: 1976

Doctoral Work: Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin: 1982 in asymmetric induction in carbon-carbon bond forming reactions. Kinetic resolutions. Chiral Diels Alder reaction. Asymmetric synthesis of natural product.

Current Research: Green chemistry. Designing environmentally benign/waste-free chemistry with special emphasis towards current industrial synthesis and processes utilizing homogeneous and heterogeneous catalyst systems. Asymmetric synthesis. Chiral Phase Transfer Catalysis.

Past Research: Industrial experience includes Merck (7.5 yrs), Hoechst (7.5 yrs), and Bristol Myers Squibb (2 yrs.). Developed the synthesis of Propecia™ (hair growth drug) / Proscar™ for BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy), Chiral Robinson Annulation, Synthesis of S-ibuprofen, D-p-hydroxyphenyl glycine, Cromolyn sodium, Alkyl indanones, Quinazolinones, Amphoteric copolymer, and MRI imaging agents.  As the Sr. Vice President in the world-wide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Business in Dr Reddy’s Laboratories R&D across Asia, Europe and USA, provided leadership and strategic direction for the global R&D ensuring effective and innovative Generic drug development.


CHEM 3323, Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 3325, Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 3125. Organic Chemistry Laboratory II

CHEM 3123, Organic Chemistry Laboratory I

CHEM 5323, Advanced Organic Chemistry

CHEM 5327, Advanced Organic Synthesis

CHEM 5412, Green Chemistry

CHEM 5412, Catalysis in Organic Synthesis

CHEM 5412, Asymmetric Synthesis


Student Presentations

Hobbies: Watching Football (Especially DALLAS COWBOYS)


Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin: 1982

M.S. Chemistry, I. I. T.. Kanpur, India: 1976

B.S. Chemistry, Calcutta University, India: 1974


2015-Present            Professor, Texas A&M Kingsville

2008-2015                Associate Professor, Texas A&M Kingsville

2007- 2008               Senior Vice President. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, India.

2006-2007                Vice President, Head of Global Research & Development; Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, India.

2004-2006                Tenured, Associate Professor

1999-2004                Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, Kingsville.

1997-1999                Group Leader, Bristol Myers Squibb, Central Process Research

1995-1997                Lead Chemist; Innovator Group, Hoechst.

1994-1995                Staff Chemist, Hoechst-Celanese.

1990-1994                Senior Research Chemist, Hoechst-Celanese.

1988-1990                Research Fellow, Process Research and Development, Merck & Co., Inc. 

1983-1988                Senior Research Chemist, Process Research and Development, Merck & Co., Inc.


A. Advisory Board for the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI)

B. Member of the National Academies’ Chemical Sciences Roundtable (CSR). This is a committee of advisors that reports its recommendation of the directions of US Science to the US Congress and the President.

C. Member of the U.S. National Academies Committee on Promoting Safe and secure chemical Management in Developing countries. At the request of the US Department of State, the committee will provide guidance on a baseline of practices to promote safety and security in the chemical industry in the developing nations.

D. American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute (ACS GCI) Pharmaceutical Roundtable. The mission of the roundtable is to catalyze the implementation of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering in the pharmaceutical Development.

E. Resident Consultant

1. Daiichi Sankyo Ranbaxy Laboratories.

2. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories. Hyderabad, India.

3. Pfizer-Zoetis (Animal Health) Pharmaceutical

4. Sun Pharma Delhi, India

5. Vitae Pharmaceutical Inc. Delaware, USA.

F. Editorial Board: Open Journal of Medicinal Chemistry []

G. Editorial Board: Modern Research in Catalyst (MRC) []

H. Editorial Board: Open Journal of Synthesis Theory and Applications []

I. Editorial Board: Infinity Press: Communications in Applied Sciences


J. Editorial Board: International Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry & Molecular Biology (IJBCMB) []

K. Editorial Board: Journal of Organic and Biomolecular Simulations. []

L. Editorial Board: Pharmacy Practice & Health Care.

M. Member: Panel of Drug Evaluators for Current Drugs (CD). Responsible for the evaluation of drugs, which are being launched worldwide under FDA guidelines.

N. Honorary Visiting Professor at Institute of Life Sciences (ILS) Hyderabad, India.

O. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

P. Scientific Process Advisor:

3. PHARM-ECO A Johnson Matthey Company

4. Texas Bio Technology.

5. Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Co.

6. Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceutical.

7. Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development.

8. Ambion.

9. National Advisory Committee, Osmania   University, India.

10. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

11. “Pharmaceutical Expert witness” in the areas of “Drug Development”


 Open Journal of Medicinal Chemistry []

 Modern Research in Catalyst (MRC) []

 Open Journal of Synthesis Theory and Applications []

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