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Ph.D. Graduates (Texas A&M-University, College Station)

(1) Caroline Herron (2003) Plant Pathology: – “Citrus tristeza virus: characterization of Texas isolates, studies on aphid transmission and pathogen derived control strategies”  -  J. V. da Graça, T. E. Mirkov2

(2) Jun Yu (2004*) Nutriceuticals: “Citrus limonoids and flavonoids: extraction, antioxidant activity and effects on hamster plasma cholesterol distribution” - B. S. Patil  

(3) Jairam Vanamala (2004) Nutriceuticals : “Post harvest irradiation treatment effect on grapefruit functional compounds and their role in prevention of colon cancer” - B. S. Patil

(4) Shibu Poulose** (2005) Nutriceuticals : “Isolation and effects of citrus limonoids on cytochrome p450 inhibition, apoptotic induction and cytotoxicity of human cancer cells” - B. S. Patil 

(5) Claudine Bona (2007) Breeding : “Symmetric and asymmetric hybridization in Citrus spp.”- E. S. Louzada

(6) Basavaraj Girennavar** (2007) Nutriceuticals : “Grapefruit drug interaction: isolation and biological activity of furocoumarins and their variation due to season, varieties, processing and irradiation” - B. S. Patil3, J. L. Jifon2

(7) Madhura Babu Kunta* (2009) Plant Pathology: “Towards the development of broad spectrum disease resistance in citrus.” - M. Skaria, E.S. Louzada

(8) Amit Vikram** (2011) Nutriceuticals: "Grapefruit drug interaction: isolation and biological activity of furocoumarins and their variation due to season, varieties, processing and irradiation" - B.S. Patil3

(9) Rajmohan Uckoo (2012).  Nutriceuticals: “Pre-harvest and post-harvest factors influence on citrus phytochemical and evaluation of antimicrobial properties of citrus volatile oils.” - B. S. Patil, S. D. Nelson1

(10) Catherine Simpson* (2013) Horticulture: “Physiological effects of saline water on two economically important horticultural crops in South Texas” A. Volger2, S. D. Nelson1, J. C. Melgar

(11) Madahy Romero (2014) Soil Science: “Developing a soil extraction method for the herbicide mesotrione, and determination of Mesotriome’s impacts on soil bacterial communities.”    T. Gentry2 , S. D. Nelson1

(12) Will Cody (2018) Plant Pathology:  “A viral-based toolbox for efficient gene editing in Nicotiana species. H.B. Scholthof , J. V. da Graca

(13) Shima Chaudhary* (2018). Horticulture: “Incidence, distribution and epidemiology of Phytophthora diseases of citrus in South Texas and their interaction with Huanglongbing” – K. Crosby (chair), J. da Graca (co-chair)


Master's Graduates (Texas A&M University-Kingsville)

(1) Clive Pountney (1988) Soil Science: “The effect of Thidiazuron, a urea derivative with cytokinin activity, on sour orange (Citrus aurantium  L.) and grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macf.)” – D. Swietlik 

(2) Donald Van de Werken (1990) Agricultural Business:  “Exporting Texas grapefruit to South East Asia” - D. Nixon1, J. Fucik

(3) Caroline Herron (1996 - Bristol University) Plant Pathology:  “Isolation, biological and serological characterization of citrus tatter leaf virus in non-commercial citrus cultivars in Texas” - M. Skaria

(4) Barbara Cutrer (1998) Entomology/Plant Pathology: “Citrus tristeza virus: transmission and management of aphid vectors”  - J. V. French, M. Skaria

(5) Dianren Xia (2000) Molecular Biology: “Study of gene expression during the early stages of grapefruit ripening using differential display” - E. S. Louzada

(6) Margarita Rojas (2000) Molecular Biology : “Differential gene expression study in melon roots under drought stress conditions” - E. S. Louzada, K. M. Crosby2

(7) José Moran Mirabel (2000 - Monterrey Tec.) Molecular Biology: “Transferencia chromosomal en citricos, de microprotoplastos a protoplastos, mediante manipulación con penzas y cuchillas laser” - E. S. Louzada

(8) Yan Liu (2000) Nutriceuticals: “Characterization of citrus pectin and its relation to health benefits: variation due to species and season” - B. S. Patil

(9) Farbod Nekouei (2001) Plant Pathology: "Biochemical and physiological characterizations of Fusarium species isolated from onion fields in Egypt" - J.O. Kuti1, M. Skaria, J. V. da Graça

(10) Hima Konaru (2001) Plant Physiology: "Physiochemical characterization of tomato lycopene content, tree spinach cyanogenic glycosides and anti-microbial activity of osage-orange fruit" - - J.O. Kuti1, B. S. Patil

(11) Jiaxing Li (2002 – Texas A&M) Nutriceuticals : “Citrus limonoids: seasonal changes and their potential in glutathione S-transferase induction” - B. S. Patil

(12) Tianye Chen (2002) Entomology: “Predaceous mite Galendromus helveolus (Acari: Phytoseiidae) as a biological control agent for the false spider mite Brevipalpus californicus (Acari : Tenuipalpidae)”   -  J. V. French

(13) MadhuraBabu Kunta (2003) Molecular Biology: “Differential gene expression analysis in juice vesicles of different citrus species” - E. S. Louzada

(14) Julio Cesar Hernández (2003) Molecular Biology/Plant Pathology: “Identification of differentially expressed genes in Poncirus trifoliata by Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) inoculation”  -  E. S. Louzada, J. V. da Graça

(15) Omar Montemayor (2003) Agricultural Science/Nutriceuticals: “An interactive televised university course: Phytochemicals in Fruits and Vegetables – student perspectives” - R. Williams1, B. S. Patil

(16) Sreenath Reddy Palle (2004) Plant Pathology:  “A study on the possible natural transmission of Citrus psorosis virus” - J. V. da Graça, M. Skaria

(17) Craig Kahlke (2004) Plant Pathology:  “The Texas citrus budwood certification program – past, present, and future” - J. V. da Graça

(18) Ravi Sankar Poluri (2004) Plant Pathology: “Use of membrane filter for rapid inexpensive assay of citrus nematode, Tylenchulus semipenetrans” - M. Skaria

(19) Viola Gade (2004) Molecular Biology: “Molecular characterization of citrus partial hybrids produced by microprotoplast mediated chromosome transfer” - E. S. Louzada, S. D. Nelson1

(20) Pedro Trejo Jr. (2004) Molecular Biology:  “Differential gene expression analysis between Mexican lime and trifoliate orange” - E. S. Louzada

(21) Adriana Robbins (2004) Molecular Biology: “Expression analysis of the cold responsive transcripts CLT-a and CLT-b from Poncirus trifoliata by RT-PCR and real-time PCR”  - E. S. Louzada

(22) Marco Ponce (2004) Agricultural Science/Nutriceuticals : “Students Taking Responsibility to Investigate the Value of Education (STRIVE) – a conference for youth and parents” - R. Williams1, B. S. Patil

(23) Julien Shantidas (2004) Agricultural Business/Soil Science : “Comparative study of the effect of different irrigation systems and fertilizers based on cost and productivity of grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macfad.)” - S. D. Nelson1, D. Nixon1

(24) Patrick Haslem (2005 – Michigan State) –  Entomology : "Studies on control of citrus mites and the leaf cutting ant in Texas, and the use of digital infrared for greenhouse arthropod detection" - J. V. French

(25) Veronica Ancona  (2005) Molecular Biology: “Isolation of genes from Poncirus trifoliata up-regulated by cold acclimation”  - E. S. Louzada, S. D. Nelson1

(26) Kranthi Mandadi (2005) Nutriceuticals:  “Isolation and purification of bioactive citrus limonoids and flavonoids and their effects” - B. S. Patil, F. Deyhim1

(27) Catherine Simpson  (2005) Soil Science:  “Volatilization Loss of Vapam and K-pam in different soil types and varying organic matter levels.” – S. D. Nelson1

(28) Arlene Pacheco (2005) Molecular Biology: “Comparison of the expression of a cold-responsive transcript (CLT-a) in nine citrus species and Poncirus trifoliata”   - E. S. Louzada

(29) Tina Thomas (2006) Plant Pathology: “Effect of viroids on resistance to Phytophthora infection in citrus” - M. Skaria, J. V. da Graça

(30) Gilberto Perez III (2006) Agricultural Science/Plant Pathology : “WebCT – an interactive internet university course: Molds, Plants Buildings and Public Health – student perception” –  R. Williams1, M. Skaria

(31) Ram Mohan Uckoo (2006) Soil Science: “Irrigation and  fertilizer efficiency on south Texas grapefruit production” - S. D. Nelson1

(32) Liza Vela (2006 – UTPA) Plant Pathology : “Morphological and anatomical changes induced by Citrus tatter leaf virus in selected rootstock varieties” - M. Skaria

(33) Naiqi Chen (2007) Molecular Biology/Entomology: “Molecular identification and population dynamics of two species of root-feeding aphids on cruciferous vegetables” - E. S. Louzada, J. V. French, T.-X. Liu2

(34) Cassandra Bennett (2007) Molecular Biology: “Molecular characterization of a citrus low temperature responsive gene (clt) from Poncirus trifoliata” - E. S. Louzada

(35) José Luis Perez (2007 – Texas A&M) Nutriceuticals : “Citrus bioactive compounds influencing Phase II detoxifying enzymes: potential for cancer chemoprevention” - B. S. Patil3, M. Skaria

(36) Adrian Sanchez (2008) Entomology:  “Importance of visual stimuli and host plant odor in host finding by the Asian citrus psyllid Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Psyllidae)” - M. Sétamou

(37) Shilpa Marepally (2008) Plant Pathology – “Molecular identity, infectivity and differential gene expression associated with Olpidium-like fungus in citrus and vegetables” – M.Skaria, J. V. da Graça

(38) Jesus Mata Jr. (2008) Entomology/Molecular Biology: “Molecular fingerprinting and population dynamics of the false spider mite Brevipalpus spp. (Acari: Tenuipalpidae)” - M. Sétamou, E. S. Louzada

(39) John Tagle (2008) Molecular Biology: “Identification of intron retention in a gene involved in cold hardiness in Poncirus trifoliata”  - E. S. Louzada

(40) Delfino Rodriguez (2008) Entomology/Soil Science: “Impact of water stress on the efficacy of imidacloprid and aldicarb in citrus pest management” - M. Sétamou, S. D. Nelson1

(41) Yona Netha (2008) Entomology : “ Effects of host plant on the bionomics of the Asian citrus psyllid Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Psyllidae)” - M. Sétamou

(42) Vamsi Reddy (2008) Plant Pathology : “Gene expression studies in sour orange and C-22 rootstocks challenged with the nematode, Tylenchulus semipenetrans, and the fungus, Phytophthora nicotianae” – M. Skaria

(43) Leroy Rock (2008) Soil Science: "Salinity tolerance of Texas native and introduced grasses and forbs" - S. D. Nelson1, M. Setamou

(44) Pedro Ochoa III (2009) Entomology/Agricultural Science: “The impact of sour orange on the Mexican fruit fly” - R. Williams1, M. Sétamou

(45) Mayra Arredondo (2009) Entomology: “Abundance and population of Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) as affected by flush shoots in different host plants” - M. Sétamou

(46) Danielle Sekula (2009) Entomology: "Novel strategies for sustainable management of citrus rust mite, Phyllocoptruta oleivora (Ashmead) (Acari: Eriophydae) in Texas" - M. Sétamou

(47) Esmerelda Rodriguez (2009) Entomology/Soil Science: "Non-target assessment of pesticide spray application and quantification of active ingredient persistence on foliage" - S. D. Nelson1, M. Setamou

(48) Manjula Talari (2009) Entomology: "Effect of different water regimes on the efficacy of aldicarb in the control of citrus rust mite, Phyllocoptruta oleivora" - M. Setamou, S. D. Nelson1

(49) Sravani Garlapati (2009) Entomology: "Uptake of soil-applied neonicotinoids by citrus plants and their impact on selected biological parameters of the Asian citrus psyllid Diaphorina citri" - M. Setamou, S. D. Nelson1

(50) Andrew Potter (2009) Food & Nutrition Science: "Effects of drinking carrot juice on plasma risk markers for cardiovascular disease in adults with elevated plasma cholesterol and triglycerides" - F. Deyhim1, J. V. da Graça

(51) Juan Raygoza (2010) Entomology/Soil Science: "Effects of organic practices on Diaphorina citri dynamics and nutrient absorption of citrus trees" - M. Sétamou, S. D. Nelson1

(52) Ray Hinojosa (2010) Soil Science/Entomology: “Aldicarb degradation in flood irrigated south Texas soils in relation to citrus pest efficicacy” - S. D. Nelson1, M. Sétamou

(53) Madahy Romero (2010) Soil Science: “The impact of altering sugarcane harvesting methods on atrazine absorption to sugarcane litter” - S. D. Nelson1, M. Sétamou

(54) Pedro Abrigo (2010) Agricultural Science: "The Aggie Summer Institute - Jumpstart to college program: a student evaluation in the Lower Rio Grande Valley." - R. Williams1, M. Skaria

(55) Justin Tanner (2010) Plant Pathology: "Studies on Citrus tatter leaf virus seed transmission." - J. V. da Graça, S. D. Nelson1

(56) Armandina Villarreal (2010) Agricultural Science: "A study of the indoor quality in two elementary schools and five residential homes, Rio Grande City TX" - R. Williams1, M. Skaria

(57) William Wood II (2010) Agricultural Science: "Indoor air quality comparison in seven Hidalgo county homes in Texas" - R. Williams1, M. Skaria

(58) Jose Sandoval II (2010) Entomology: "Host preference and suitability of North American rutaceous species for the development of the Asian citrus psyllid (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama)" - J. V. da Graça, M. Setamou

(59) Randy Alaniz (2011). Agricultural Science: “High school agriculture facilities and the effects they may have on the success of the Agriculture Education Department” – R. Williams1, M. Skaria

(60) Aditi Satpute (2012). Plant Pathology: “Biological and biochemical characterization of a new pathogen of citrus, Elsinöe australis, in Texas”  - M. Skaria

(61) N. Prasad Peddabhoini (2012). Entomology: “Development of an “attract and kill” strategy for effective management of citrus leafminer (Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton) in Texas” – M. Sétamou, S. D. Nelson1

(62) Yadira Zapata (2012). Plant Pathology: “Determining the pathogenicity of Elsinoë australis on different citrus cultivars and efficacy of organic packinghouse treatments on viability of  E. australis” – M. Skaria, R. Williams1

(63) Jesse Guerra (2012). Agricultural Science: “The effects of public education information management systems (PEIMS) on Agriculture Department budgets at Lyford Consolidated Independent School District and surrounding schools” - R. Williams1, M. Skaria

(64) Juan Muñoz (2012). Agricultural Science:  “The impact of the after-school centers on education (ACE) program at San Perlita Independent School District.” - R. Williams1, M. Skaria

(65) Amanda Garcia (2012). Molecular Biology: “Overexpression of a calcium signal modifier gene (CSM-1) in sweet orange cultivars and molecular characterization of transgenic plants.”  -E. S. Louzada

(66) Cynthia C. Parra (2012) Molecular Biology: “Full transcriptome analysis of Huanglongbing (HLB)-infected Valencia sweet  orange (Citrus sinensis).”  - E. S. Louzada

(67) Diego Garza-Erdmann (2012). Entomology/Plant Nutrition: “Effects of micro and macro nutrients on Diaphorina citri in grapefruit trees.” - S. D. Nelson1, M. Setamou

(68) Marisol Esparza (2012). Entomology/ Plant Nutrition: “Effects of calcium application to citrus on the biology, survival and population dynamics of Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Psyllidae).” - M. Setamou, S. D. Nelson1

(69) Laura Luna Guzman (2012). Physiology: “Cold tolerance comparison of transgenic Ruby Red grapefruit plant overexpressing a calcium signal modifier gene (CSM-1) to non-transgenic Ruby Red grapefruit , Poncirus trifoliata and Mexican Lime.” - J. C. Melgar, E. S. Louzada

(70) Dara Stockton (2012 – UTPA). Psychology/Entomology: “Evidence of olfactory and visual learning in the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Psyllidae).”  - V. James-Aldridge (UTPA), M. Setamou

(71) Carolina de la Garza (2013) Plant Pathology/ Molecular Biology: “Testing for Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus in leaf and root tissue of citrus and orange jasmine” – E.S.Louzada, M.Setamou

(72) Francisco Melgoza (2013) Plant Physiology: “Understanding and Improving Freeze Tolerance in Citrus” – J. C. Melgar

(73) Charlene Farias (2013) Entomology: “Native corn resistance to corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) and fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda)”- M. Brewer2, M. Sétamou

(74) Sofia Lewis (2013) Agricultural Science: “Analysis of Korean customer preferences for dried fruit that can be supplied by Finca Oasis International Ranch in Mexico” – R. Williams1, M. Skaria

(75) Ashley Gregory (2013) Entomology: “Efficacy testing of insecticides used in residential areas for the control of the Asian citrus psyllid” M. Sétamou.

(76) Stephen Reyna (2013) Entomology: “Population dynamics and species composition of citrus rust mites, Phyllocoptruta oleivora (Ashmead) (Acari: Eriophyidae) in Texas and in Kenya” M. Sétamou

(77) Cecilia Lott. 2014. Molecular Biology: “Genetic transformation of Micro-Tom Tomato with a Calcium Signal Modifying Gene and analysis of transgenic plants challenged with Ca.Liberibacter solanacearum.” E.S.Louzada

(78) Jennifer Herrera. 2014. Agricultural Science: “Impact of outreach efforts for citrus greening disease and Asian citrus psyllid control in residential properties in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.” R. Williams1 , J.V.da Graca

(79) Taurino Trujillo. 2014. Entomology: “Development of an attract and kill method for the control of the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Liviidae) in residential areas.” M. Sétamou.

(80) Beatriz Contreras Barragan (2014). Plant Physiology: “Evaluation of partial rootzone drying as a water-saving irrigation strategy in citrus” – J. C. Melgar

(81) Liliana Cantu. 2015. Entomology: “Effect of nitrogen fertilization on host plant quality and on the development parameters of Asian citrus psyllid and its nymphal parasitoid, Tamarixia radiata.” - M. Sétamou, S. D. Nelson1

(82) Omar Vazquez. 2015. Molecular Biology/Plant Pathology: “Studies on the quantitative distribution of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus in the roots and canopy of Huanglongbing-infected citrus trees” – E. S. Louzada, M. Kunta

(83) D. Tyler Mays. 2015. Plant Pathology/ Entomology:  “Mycotoxin management in maize (Zea mays (L.) damaged by lepidopteran pests”- G. Schuster1, M. Sétamou

(84) Corina Fuentes. 2015.  Horticulture/ Environmental Sciences: “Irrigation scheduling: a water balance approach to improve water efficiency for South Texas horticultural crops” – S.D.Nelson1, M. Sétamou, J. Enciso2

(85) Sri Lakshmi Telagamsetty. 2016. Plant Physiology/ Entomology: “Population densities of Asian citrus psyllids in response to nutritional quality of citrus flush shoots” – C. Simpson, M. Sétamou

(86) Benjamin Perea. 2016. Plant Pathology: “Evaluation of inoculum sources, impact and control of  Phytophthora nicotianae in grapefruit” – V. Ancona

(87) Siddhi Jadhav. 2016. Plant Pathology. Coursework master’s degree. G. Schuster1, V. Ancona

(88) Pallavi Vedasharan. 2016. Molecular Biology/Plant Pathology. “Correlation of viability of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus with symptom development and age of leaf tissues” E. S. Louzada, M. Kunta

(89) Mariana Uribe Bueno. (2017 – Inst. Politec. Nacion.-Reynosa, Mexico). Plant Pathology: “Estudio en Trichoderma spp. de la ruta metabólica de síntesis se ácido indol acético independiente del triptófano.” – J. L. Hernandez4, V. Ancona

(90) Ana Olivares. (2017). Plant Pathology: “Isolation and characterization of root endophytic bacteria associated with citrus foot rot in South Texas” – V. Ancona

(91) Perla Duberney. (2017). Plant Pathology: “Evaluation and control of soil-borne pathogens, Phytophthora nicotianae and Fusarium solani, of citrus in south Texas. – V. Ancona

(92) Heidi Arteaga. (2017). Entomology: “Assessment of citrus production management in commercial groves and residential areas with special reference to Huanglongbing mitigation efforts with biological control in Texas” – M. Sétamou

(93) Jay Alejandro, (2017). Entomology: Coursework masters. – M. Sétamou

(94) Julian Gonzalez III (2018). Plant Physiology: “Evaluating roots in South Texas citrus”. – C. Simpson

(95) Ruby Saldaña (2018). Entomology: “Development of integrated pest management for barnacle scale in South Texas” – M. Sétamou

(96) Meena Gurung (2018). Plant Pathology: “Evaluation of the use of Trichoderma asperellum as a biocontrol agent for Phytophthora Foot and Root Rot disease on citrus” – V. Ancona

(97) Julissa Rodriguez (2018). Plant Physiology: “Sunburn in citrus: Assessing physiological impacts and mitigating treatments” – C. Simpson

(98) Matthew Rodriguez (2018) Plant Pathology: Coursework masters. – G. Schuster1, V. Ancona

(99) Kari Skalitsky (2019) Entomology: “Strengthening the Mexican fruit fly, Anastrepha ludens (Loew) (Diptera: Tephritidae), eradication program with the use of attract-and-kill devices” – M. Sétamou

(100) Blanca Garza (2019) Plant Physiology:Quantifying citrus tree health and disease management progression using true color UAS images.” – C. Simpson

(101) Estephanie Bernal-Jimenez (2019) Molecular Biology:  “Development of recombinase technology to produce consumer-friendly transgenic citrus plants.” – E. Louzada

(102) Bhargavi Kundura (2019) Entomology:  Coursework masters – M. Sétamou

(103) Erika Ramos (2019) Plant Pathology: Susceptibility of commercial cotton Gossypium hirsutum to bacterial blight Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum (XCM). - G. Schuster1, V. Ancona

(104) NagaRajitha Kavuri (2019) Molecular Biology: Optimization of recombinase mediated marker excision in citrus protoplasts” – E. Louzada

(105) George (Jim) Thomas III (2019) Plant Physiology:Impact of grove floor management and irrigation practices on citrus root distribution” – C. Simpson

(106) Emma Perez (2019) Plant Pathology:Citrus canker in Texas and its current situation” – J. da Graca

(107) Venkata Boyapati (2020) Molecular Biology: Over expression of RhNAC2 and RhEXPA4 genes in Carrizo citrange to develop potential drought tolerance” – E. Louzada. M. Kunta

(108) Cynthia Puente (2020) Plant Pathology: “The effect of thermotherapy on Huanglongbing-affected citrus trees in Texas” – V. Ancona

(109) Victoria de Leon (2021) Molecular Biology: “Investigation of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ prophages in Texas and Florida”.  – E. Louzada & M. Kunta 

(110) Cecilia Vargas (2021) Entomology: “Development of a technique for reliable recovery of testable Asian citrus psyllid from field deployed sticky cards” - M. Sétamou 

(111) Victoria Mora (2021) Plant Pathology: “Identification and characterization of new sources of zebra chip disease resistance from wild Solanum sect. Petota” – V. Ancona 

(112) Tirumala Danda (2021) Plant Pathology/ Diagnostics: “Field deployable loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay for the detection of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ in citrus” – M. Kunta  

(113) Pramod Gudipally (2021) Plant Pathology/ Diagnostics: “Evaluation of field deployable leaf sensor for rapid, asymptomatic screening of HLB in citrus” – M. Kunta 

(114) Sonia Munoz (2021) Entomology: “Assessment of Post Freeze Arthropod Population in Texas Citrus” – M. Sétamou

(115) Miriam Calderon (2021) Plant Pathology: Identification of Fungal Plant Pathogens in Irrigation Water in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas” – V. Ancona

(116) Teresa Salazar (2021) Entomology:  Coursework masters - M. Sétamou

(117) Yovanna Soto (2021) Entomology: "Effects of citrus tree phenology on color morphology and Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus acquisition potential of Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Liviidae)" - M. Sétamou

(118) Jaffer Gadiwan (2021) Molecular Biology/Diagnostics  - E. Louzada, M. Kunta

(119) Olivia L Segura. (2022) Course work masters – M. Kunta and E. Louzada

(120) Jennifer Belcher. (2022) Course work masters – M. Kunta

(121) Franco C Guerra  (2022) Molecular Biology/Diagnostics: "Transgenic Valencia Orange and Sour Orange Challenged with Phytophthora: A Gene Expression Analysis" - E. Louzada & M. Kunta

(122) Lakshmi Akhijith Pasupuleti (2023) Plant Pathology: “The effect of citrus flush stage in the distribution of trunk-injected oxytetracycline for HLB management”  - V. Ancona

(123) Venkatramana Reddy Kotte (2023) Plant Pathology: “Characterization of the Bot gummosis pathogen Lasiodiplodia iranensis isolated from Texas Citrus” - V. Ancona

(124) Sree Harsha Sidireddi (2023) Molecular Biology/Diagnostics: "Rapid and portable loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) detection assay for citrus canker" - M. Kunta

(125) Manoj Gaddam (2023) Entomology: "Evaluation of the efficacy of peptides against citrus Huanglongbing  (HLB or citrus greening)" - M. Sétamou & M. Kunta

(126) Cecilia Segura (2023) Entomology: Coursework masters – M. Sétamou