Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Academic Affairs

Summer and Intersession Pay Plan

Effective May 2012


Faculty with professorial rank may choose which compensation model they prefer:

Plan A - Flat amount per credit hour, step by rank

Professor                    $1,650

Associate Professor      $1,550

Assistant Professor       $1,400


Plan B - Base salary times 1/15 for a three-credit course, with a cap of $6,000

Adjuncts and lecturers are contracted by colleges at the current summer stipend.

Labs will be compensated at $1,500 and practicums at $1,000 for the first three students. For each additional three students in a practicum, an additional $1,000 will be paid.

Compensation for independent study, special problems, thesis and dissertation will not be made. For dissertations, an exception will be $2,000 if more than six students are enrolled ($2,000 per each six student group).