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Holds are placed on student and non-student accounts at times throughout the semesters for various reasons; primarily for past due balances. Holds are also released several times during the week after independent review. Please feel free to contact the Student Business Services directly for further inquiries. We will be happy to release a hold immediately upon notification of payment or make payment arrangements with you to help resolve outstanding balances.

Hold Types and Explanations: 

  • FR - No Financial Agreement - The Financial Responsibility Agreement must be accepted before the student is allowed to register for the semester. Please see the Financial Responsibility Agreement for details.
  • FI - Financial Hold - Placed after semester and deferred payment plan payment deadlines. Will prevent registration for subsequent semesters until the balance is brought below $500. Official Transcript releases when the balance is paid in full. Placed in conjunction with FH holds.
  • FH - Financial Hold - Placed after semester and deferred payment plan payment deadlines for ANY amount. Official Transcript releases when the balance is paid in full.
  • TR - Transcript Hold Only - Has been replaced by FH (Financial Hold) for clarity.
  • PK - Perkins Loan Hold - Placed on student account when a Perkins Loan has been obtained. Used for Business Office Information only and DOES NOT prevent registration for subsequent semesters or Official Transcript releases.
  • PD - Perkins Loan Delinquent - Placed on past due Perkins Loan Accounts. Will prevent registration for subsequent semesters and Official Transcript releases until the balance is paid in full.
  • PY - Payment at Business Office only - Placed on accounts when a payment has been returned as uncollectible for various reasons (i.e. Non-Sufficient funds, Closed Accounts). Will only prevent online payment ability until resolved.
  • WD - Title IV Recalculation Req - Placed on student accounts upon withdrawal from the university. Allows time for Financial Aid recalculation to determine if student will owe back any federal financial aid funds. Will prevent registration for subsequent semesters and Official Transcript releases for a short period after withdrawal. Removed with Financial Aid approval.
  • CH - Collection Agency Hold - Placed on accounts that have been assigned to a Collection Agency for severely past due balances. Will prevent registration for subsequent semesters, Official Transcript releases, and online payment ability. Payments also cannot be made online or in the Business Office and must be resolved with the Collection Agency to which it has been assigned.
  • SH - State Hold - Placed on accounts for Outstanding Balances with either Texas A&M University Kingsville or any other State Agency. This hold alone DOES NOT prevent registration or Official Transcript releases. 
    • If the debt is not with Texas A&M University Kingsville, the student must personally contact the Texas State Comptroller's Office at 1-800-531-5441, ext 34561, option 2 for "Vendor Holds of State Debt". Please listen to all menu options in case this has changed.
    • Due to privacy regulations, Texas A&M University Kingsville does not know the Originating Agency, the reason for the hold, or amount of the debt, and cannot inquire about this hold on behalf of the debtor.

Payment Methods Accepted:

Online Electronic Check: Electronic payments require a bank routing number and account number. You cannot use corporate checks, i.e. credit cards, home equity, traveler's check, etc.

Online Credit/Debit Cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Please note, debit cards are connected to checking accounts. To avoid the PayPath Convenience fee, the Electronic Check or ATM/Debit method should be chosen instead. The following card networks are supported.

In-person: Paper check, cashier check, and money orders only. Can also be left in the outside drop box. Cash is no longer accepted.

For more information please contact the Student Business Services 361-593-2616 or emailing