Financial Aid


How to view and accept your Financial Aid Awards

JNET is the online student portal where students can check their Financial Aid status and accept their Financial Aid awards. Terms and Conditions must be reviewed to understand the terms of receiving financial assistance.

The following steps will help guide you through the process:

1. Visit Texas A&M-Kingsville JNET
2. To access your account, you will need your student ID and password.

Student ID
The Student ID is the 8-digit number and letter combination that begins with KU (for example, KUABC123) assigned to you when you were accepted to the university. Texas A&M-Kingsville will provide the Student ID in an official email or you may claim your unique Student ID by following the steps below.
  • Go to the Password Update Page.
  • Next to Applicant/Faculty/Staff ID enter your Applicant ID number (for example, K12345678) that was included in your email correspondence from the Office of Admission. (If you do not know your Applicant ID number, log onto your Blue & Gold Connection to retrieve it using your Social Security Number.)
    • You will use your birth date using six digits with no dashes (mmddyy). For example, if your birth date is December 15, 2001, you will use 121501.
    • Then, when you are ready, choose the “Next” button to continue.
    • In the next screen, you will verify your identity using the last four digits of your Social Security Number or the first two letters of your last name.
  • You will see your Student ID and University email address.
  • You will continue to use your Student ID to log in to JNET throughout your time at Texas A&M-Kingsville.
If you need assistance in acquiring your Username or password, you may contact Itech at 361-593-4357

3. From the Main Menu, select “Paying for College” Tab

4. In the middle of the Main Menu, select “Blue and Gold Main Menu”

5. In the Blue and Gold Main Menu, select “Student & Financial Aid”

6. On the Student & Financial Aid, select “Financial Aid”

7. On the Financial Aid Menu, select “Award”

8. On the Award Menu, select “Award for Aid Year”

9. On the Aid Year Menu, select the year in which you are inquiring about

10.  Once you have selected an aid year, you will be able to view details of your award package in the different tabs available

  • Award Overview tab gives a brief overview of general financial aid information.
    • Need Calculation- Your eligibility depends on your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), your year in school, your enrollment status, and the cost of attendance. These factors are taken into consideration when determining your award package.
    • Cost of Attendance (COA) – Your COA is the estimated amount it will cost you to go to school.  This is required to determine your financial aid eligibility.
    • Cumulative Loan Information- This is the total amount of student loans that you have borrowed.
    • Financial Aid Award- If you are offered financial aid, you will see your awards here.
  • Terms and Conditions must be reviewed to acknowledges that you have a better understanding of financial aid policies and your responsibilities as a financial aid recipient.  Click on the Terms and Conditions tab to review your rights and responsibilities.
  • Accept Award Offer tab displays the awards items you would like to accept or decline.
    • Please note that grants are automatically accepted for you.
    • If you accept a Federal Direct Loan and are a first time borrower at TAMUK, you must complete additional requirements, including a Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling.  Both requirements should be completed at