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Payroll FAQs

  1. How do I add or update my direct deposit information?

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  1. How do I enter hours and submit my timesheets for approval?

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  1. I forgot to submit my hours from a previous pay period. How and when will I get paid?
The following two steps must be done as soon as possible to ensure payment of any unpaid hours.
  • Enter hours in Workday on the days which they were worked, in a previous pay period.
  • Submit your timesheets for approval by your manager.

Once your manager has approved your timesheets, they will be paid on the next scheduled biweekly payroll. You or your manager should contact the Payroll Department to notify them of the retro hours entered.

  1. If I work overtime, will these hours be paid on my paycheck?
If you are a non-exempt employee (hourly pay rate) and authorization has been given by your manager to work over 40 hours a week, you will be paid as outlined below:
(Please review the Texas A&M – Kingsville Overtime Procedure and/or the Texas A&M System Overtime Regulation for additional information.)
  1. How do I update my W-4?

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  1. Where can I view or print my W-2?

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  1. Can I contribute more to TRS or ORP?

No, the maximum contribution to TRS or ORP is the amount deducted from your payroll check. Should you have any additional questions or would like to discuss additional investment options, please contact our Benefits Partner in the Office of Employee Services at 361-593-3705.

  1. Can I work more than one position if I am a Student Worker?

Yes, working more than one position as a student worker is an option, but both positions must not exceed the maximum hours per week limit for student workers. Please reach out to your manager and the Office of Employee Services at 361-593-3705 for additional information.

  1. Who should I contact if my pay is incorrect?

Please reach out to your hiring manager or your department admin to discuss. If any adjustments/corrections are necessary, they will be discussed between the department manager/assistant and the payroll department. Please feel free to contact Payroll at 361-593-4604 to confirm any changes.

  1. I was offered a relocation allowance. How and when will I receive that payment?

Please reach out to your hiring manager or your department admin to discuss. Once Payroll has received all necessary documentation from your department, we will be able to process the relocation allowance payment on the next available pay date. **Please note, relocation allowances will be processed after an employee has received their first payroll for employment.

  1. Can I choose to switch my pay schedule from monthly to biweekly, or vice versa?

No, changes cannot be made to a pay frequency as this was determined at the time of hire. If you were hired into an exempt position (salary), you will be paid monthly. If you were hired into a non-exempt position (hourly), you will be paid biweekly. Should you have any additional questions, please contact the Payroll Department.