About the Department

Sound Recording Technology

Program Information

One of only two programs in the state offering the Bachelor of Music in Sound Recording Technology (SRT), the School of Music at Texas A&M Kingsville offers south Texas a unique opportunity for students to pursue studies in the field of audio production while maintaining a balanced approach to musical studies. The BM in SRT provides the aspiring entrepreneurial musician with the skills and tools needed to succeed in the rapidly changing field of audio production. From recording classical, jazz, and commercial productions to creating audio for multimedia and stage the SRT program challenges students to not only be audio engineers and producers, but also accomplished musicians.

Some of the best audio engineers and producers are classically trained musicians. Students interested in pursuing SRT must audition and be accepted into the School of Music on their principal instrument or voice. Musical studies include theory, history, keyboard skills, and applied lessons. SRT courses include Audio Recording, Studio Operations, Music Entrepreneurship, Classical, Jazz, and Commercial Recording Techniques, Live Sound, and Multimedia Sound Techniques.

Unique to the SRT program at Kingsville, beginning the third year of the program applied lessons switch from instrumental or vocal studies to audio production lessons tailored to each student’s interests, including but not limited to mixing, mastering, electronic composition, production, and marketing. This allows for a custom degree tailored to each student’s interests and allows study beyond the core SRT courses.

Recording Facilities

The recording studio at Texas A&M Kingsville features a large tracking room, two isolation booths, postproduction room, and control room/classroom. Additionally, the performance spaces and rehearsal halls are wire with DANTE, meaning the entire building is in essence part of the studio. This allows for several students to be able to record multiple sessions or the same session simultaneously. School of Music events provide students with many opportunities for practical experience mixing sound for live performance, streaming, and recording for postproduction.

Certificate Option

In addition to the Bachelor of Music in Sound Recording Technology, Texas A&M Kingsville offers the SRT Certificate Program. This certificate program in open to any major at the University, allowing students to pursue other degree opportunities while continuing with their musical studies. Begin by studying basic audio production, music entrepreneurship, and then branch into an area of interest such as live sound, multimedia, or studio recording.

Audition Requirements

  1. Complete the application process for music majors and audition on your principal instrument or voice.
  2. Write a brief essay (1-2 pages) discussing why you are interested in pursuing sound recording technology. Topics may include but are not limited to your musical and/or production experience, your current production setup, and career goals or aspirations. Essay should be submitted in either Word or PDF format.
  3. Submit a short (60-90 second) video introducing yourself and explaining your strengths and why this degree is suited for you. This is your elevator pitch, not only convince us you belong here, but that it is to our advantage to have you in the program. Video may be submitted as an MPEG4, YouTube link, or Vimeo.

    Optional: Digital Production Portfolio. Items can include recording sessions, mix sessions, song writing examples, or video productions with audio. Please include a link to your materials if you wish to include it in the application process.

Email your essay and a link to your video to