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Department of Mathematics

Lihua Zuo

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Texas A&M University, College Station, TX


Research Interests:
  • Inverse Problems
  • Analytical and Numerical Streamline-based Methods 
  • Decline Curve Analysis
  • Fractional Diffusion Equations
  • Fracture Propagation Modeling in Shale Gas and Tight Oil Reservoirs

Selected Publications:

J. Tang, K. Wu, L.H. Zuo, L. Xiao, S. Sun,C. Ehlig-Economides
,2019. Investigation of Rupture and Slip Mechanisms of
Hydraulic Fracture in Multiple-layered Formations. SPE Journal.
In Press. SPE-197054-PA.doi:10.2118/197054-PA.

L.H. Zuo, R Weijermars, 2019. Longevity of Enhanced Geothermal
Systems with Brine Circulation in Hydraulically Fractured Hydro-
carbon Wells,  Fluids 4 (2), 63.

L.H. Zuo, Xiaosi Tan, Wei Yu, Xiaodong Hu, 2019. Fracture
Detection and Numerical Modeling for Fractured Reservoirs,
Energies12 (3), 386.

Y. Li, W. Li, L.H. Zuo, W. Li, W. Zhao, 2019. Brittleness Evaluation
of Coal Basedon Statistical Damage and Energy Evolution Theory,
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 172, 753-763.

R. Weijermars, A. van Harmelen, L.H. Zuo, I.N. Alves, W. Yu,
2019.  Flow Interference between Hydraulic Fractures, SPE
Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering, SPE-194196-PA, 21
(04), 942-960.

L.H. Zuo, W. Yu, J. Miao, A. Varavei, K. Sepehrnoori, 2019.
Efficient  modeling of fluid transport in naturally fractured
porous medium using EDFM and streamline method, Pet-
roleum Exploration and Development,  46(1),125-131.

L.H. Zuo, W. Yu and K. Wu, 2016. A fractional decline  curve
analysis model for shale gas reservoirs, International Journal
of Coal Geology, 163, pp. 140-148, doi: 10.1016/ j.coal.






Lihua Zuo