Department of Mathematics


SACM Graduates

Daryan Naatjes works as a Data Scientist in the Information Technology department at Hilltop Holdings. Hilltop Holdings is a Financial services and holdings company that is comprised of three subsidiary companies: Plains Capital Bank, Prime Lending, and Hilltop Securities. She is part of a team helping to build the Enterprise Data warehouse --  the Enterprise Data Model, and uses machine learning models for predictive analytics purposes. Here is the link to Hilltop Holdings:

Shivacharan Chitneni presently works as a Data Engineer at Vanguard, Charlotte, NC

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Segun Ahmed is part of the 2017 graduating class. Mr. Ahmed was a learner of Big Data; Survey Sampling and Statistical Analytics.  His research was published in renowned journals under the distinguished tutelage of Prof. Sarjinder Singh.  These novel skills have put Mr. Ahmed on the pedestal of excellence in the Corporate World.  He presently works with the Enterprise Information Technology space for Cummins Inc a fortune 500 company.

Shravya Jasti  presently works for Cancer Clinical Trials as a Biostatistician-I/ Statistical Programmer in Radiation Oncology therapeutic area. The curriculum studied has given Shravya Jasti  enough knowledge to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge that was learned  and apply it to clinical trials that help with FDA submissions.

Sushma Golla is currently employed as a Software Architect with Cardinal Intellectual Property.   The Math graduate faculty and coursework assisted Sushma Golla in acquiring all of the technical skills required to embark on this professional journey. Dr. Sarjinder Singh worked  tirelessly to ensure that the students achieved proficiency in Big Data, SAS programming, Analytics, Regression Analysis, Data modeling, and all other courses. Sushma Golla is grateful for those efforts and treasured every moment  spent at TAMUK.

Tonghui Xu is part of the Fall 2019 graduating class. He is presently a doctoral student in the UMass Lowell School of Education's Research and Evaluation in Education program.  His research interests include institution research, social statistics, and data mining. Tonghui Xu has been working as a research assistant at the UMass Lowell CPE since August 2021.

Upon graduation, Roberto Arias continued to pursue a career in academia. He started a fulltime position teaching multiple mathematics and statistics courses at Texas A&M University Kingsville. Beginning in the Fall 2022, Roberto Arias will begin working on a PhD while continuing to teach full time. Mr. Arias believes the education and research, experience along with high level publications received in the Master’s program has helped carve his future!

Veronica Isabel Salinas is part of the graduating class of 2016. Presently she works as a senior statistician for Westat located in Rockville, Maryland. Westat is an employee-owned company that offers innovative professional services to help clients improve outcomes in health, education, social policy, and transportation. At Westat, the employees are dedicated to improving lives through research. Westat allows Ms. Salinas to be a part of the latest knowledge of sampling and weighting in national surveys and continue to continue her  education through various joint programs at the University of Maryland and the University of Michigan. To learn more about Westat, please visit: Westat | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

After graduation, Ruiqiang Zong began working as a professional engineer with the Industrial Wastewater Permitting Team at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality located in Austin, Texas.  The main job duty is to review and draft permits to regulate the industrial wastewater discharge for the state of Texas.

JuLong Zhao is part of the 2019 graduating class.  Presently Julong Zhao is working as a Mathematics Teacher at a private school in Virginia. The experience JuLong Zhao received working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant helped open the door to the educational field.

Choukri Mohamed graduated in 2015.  Presently she teaches Precalculus and Algebra 2 at Moody High School in Corpus Christi, Texas.  She previously taught Computer Science at Moody High School. She enjoyed her time as a graduate student at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

Steven Chavez is part of the 2020 graduating class. Upon completion of the program, Steven Chavez continues to work in the education field.  Presently he is  teaching at the education service center 2 in Corpus Christi. His future plans include pursuing a doctorate in mathematics or statistics.

Cheon-Sig Lee received master’s degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Statistics under Dr. Sarjinder Singh supervision. From 2011 to 2018, he worked at Coastal Bend College where he taught Mathematics and Statistics. Since 2018, Mr. Lee has been working at San Jacinto College-North, Houston, TX.

Christopher Hamilton is presently pursuing a second Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering. Upon completion of this degree in the Fall of 2022 he plans on pursuing a PhD.

Shu Ching Su obtained an applied Mathematics Masters degree in 2013. Upon graduation, Shu Ching Su taught upper level math at several high schools.  She taught public education for 6 years.  Presently Shu Ching Su is teaching at a community college in the Houston area. The courses she took and the guidance she received from the Mathematics faculty in particular Dr. Singh and Dr. Sedory helped maximize her future career job skill.  In the words of Shu Ching Su: "You get help when needed and never feel isolated.  TAMUK Math department helps you be well-prepared for your future..."

Kalyan Rao Vadlamudi is presently working as a data scientist living in Phoenix, AZ.  Being part of the graduating class of 2016, the time spent at TAMUK has been wonderful with an excellent curriculum. Kaylan Vadlamudi is thankful to all the staff in the Math Department.  The understanding he received in the Statistics courses as well as the programing skills helped form Kaylan Vadlamudi's current career path.

Olalekan Olayinka works as a lead data analyst at  Discover Financial Services Illinois. SAS, SQL, statistical methods, python, predictive models, forecasting are all tools he works with and all of these were things I learned doing my masters in SACM at TAMUK.  Discover financial services provide banking and credit products that help people achieve their goals–from establishing good credit, to paying for a college education to consolidating debt. In payments, the Discover Financial Networks connect banks, card members and merchants around the world with innovative commerce solutions.

Zak Zapata works as a General Merchandise Manager for Walmart.  He also owns a small business supplying inflatables for parties in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Niharika Yennum, SACM graduate of 2017, currently works as a Data Engineer.  She is involved in building a data warehouse and performing analytics to build a recommendation system that is of high business use.  Her knowledge comes from the extraordinary coursework designed and implemented by the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Mathematics Department.  Courses like Big Data Analytics, Time Series, Design of Experiments enabled her to understand the patterns in the data, modeling, and visualize the data.  The lively teaching by Dr. Sarjinder Singh with great examples of each statistical scenario motivated her to explore the data science field.  During the time of coursework, she has published her work which is accepted by the journal "Communication in Statistics" and is referenced for the related research.