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Prospective Students

Dear Prospective Student,

If you are interested in studying Chemistry and that you are considering enrolling at Texas A&M University-Kingsville to pursue that goal. As the freshman advisor in the Department of Chemistry, I would like to welcome you and give you some insight into our department.

Studying Chemistry at Texas A&M-Kingsville has many advantages. Among these are:

Fields of Study: Chemistry is “the study of matter and how it changes,” which covers a lot of topics. Most of the faculty has an area of interest in a specialized field, including Analytical, Biochemical, Inorganic, Organic, Pharmaceutical, and Physical Chemistry. Within these areas are topics such as materials science, life processes, and forensics. There are also many chemistry-related fields, such as pharmacy, medicine, and other health sciences, for which a strong background in chemistry is a real asset.

ACS Certification: The Department of Chemistry has held American Chemical Society certification since 1973. This means that the department’s Bachelor of Science program meets ACS standards for both lecture and laboratory preparation of students. Until a few years ago, this was the only department in South Texas, which met the ACS standards. Even now, it is one of only two in the region.

Student Affiliates: The department has an active chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. The club is involved in many types of activities in the areas of community service (such as the Adopt-A-Highway program), chemistry-based service (such as science fair judging and a grade-school science club), and professional development (including attending professional meetings, internship information, and plant tours). In recognition of the continued level of activities, the club received its 12th national award in a row for last year’s activities. Several members will be attending the national ACS meeting in New Orleans this April (with the club paying most of the expenses through fund-raising and donations) to receive the award and attend professional sessions.

Ratio of Faculty to Students: With ten faculty and thirty-some undergraduate majors, the department has a student-to-faculty ratio of less than 4-to-1. This means that you will have a lot greater opportunity to get to know your faculty, to interact with them, and for them to know you better when it comes time to write letters of recommendation.

Research: Most faculties in the department are pursuing research in their specialized area. While the majority of students involved are graduate students pursuing a master’s degree, these projects also have opportunities for undergraduates. In addition, chemistry majors pursuing research within the department receive departmental research scholarship support in recognition of their efforts. These research scholarships are funded through a generous departmental award from the Robert A. Welch Foundation.

Financial Assistance: The department offers many ways to help you financially. In terms of dollar amounts, the greatest by far is student employment. Dozens of students are hired each semester to assist in the teaching labs, in preparation of chemicals and equipment for the labs, in grading of homework and lab reports, and in tutoring freshmen. In addition, a few departmental scholarships are awarded each year. Finally, there are the scholarships given to students engaged in research, mentioned earlier. Not only do these awards help you financially, they also broaden your background in chemistry and provide professional experience. Such experience is a real plus on your resume. In all cases, the awards are based solely on academic performance.

For more information on the Department of Chemistry at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, you can check out our website. If you want to contact a real person, you can reach me at (361) 593-2914.