Climate-Smart Cattle

Permanently Reshaping the National Beef Herd through Grassroots Genetic Selection for Climate-Smart Outcomes

This is a pilot project designed for cattle producers to improve their impact on the environment of their operation by reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions through genetic selection tools. This creates a permanent genetic improvement for the producer’s current generation and future generations of cattle, while continuing to select for economically important traits that allow for increased profitability. This project is a collaboration between Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Allan Genetic Solutions, Leachman Cattle of Colorado, and Brahman Country Genetics, with funding provided by the USDA’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities program.

How Will This Project Work?

Over the next three years, the project will provide technical and financial support to cattle producers, including underserved producers, to facilitate the adoption of climate-smart genetic selection, monitor changes in GHG, and introduce genomic predictions for enteric GHG into the industry. Additionally these cattle will qualify for future marketing channels for climate sustainable beef through DNA tracking and blockchain technologies that result from the participation in the project.

How Do Producers Participate and What Results Are Expected?

  1. Producers must complete this form (available soon) to determine if they initially qualify. Producers will also need to enroll their farm in the USDA NRCS system.
  2. Once approved for the project, the producer will proceed through the following steps. All testing and results are provided at no cost to the producer.
    1. Producer receives GHG environmental sampling kit.
    2. Producer collects soil and manure samples to establish the baseline GHG emissions of their operation.
    3. Once soil and manure samples are received, genetic testing kits are supplied. The producer will submit a tissue sample to Zoetis.
    4. Producers selects cattle for additional GHG measurements.
    5. Producer will receive genomic merit results for production, management, and GHG traits, along with selection indexes from the Zoetis Inherit TM program. Producer will also have access to the Blockyard TM Zoetis blockchain technology.
    6. In the third year, the producer will collect and submit a final soil and manure sample to evaluate changes in the GHG emissions of their operation

Contacts for Climate-Smart Inquiries and Information:

Dr. Mark Allan (Project Manager):

Dr. Ann Staiger (Principal Investigator):


TAMUK will be hosting a workshop series to further enhance the production of climate-smart beef cattle. Stay tuned for upcoming events!


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