Partnering for Student Success in South Texas


Partnering for Student Success in South Texas

HSI Partnering Grant


Mission Statement


The mission of the HSI Partnering Grant is to improve persistence and graduation rates and help  facilitate the transition between community college to university to the workforce for Hispanic and low income students.  The HSI partnering grant also provides professional development for faculty to improve course delivery and support active learning for Hispanic and low income students.


Texas A&M University-Kingsville and Del Mar College have joined together in a number of successful collaborations designed to increase student achievement.  This shared history of cooperation provides the nurturing environment needed for this Title V Developing Hispanic Serving Institution Partnering Grant.

The shared commitment that TAMU-K and DMC have with respect to the students, families and communities of South Texas is enhanced by their being located in proximity with one another.  Faculty and staff from the two institutions collaborate on a continuing basis and both institutions are represented on the Board of Directors for Citizens for Educational Excellence, the P-16 Leadership Council tasked with improving student achievement and college and career readiness in public schools of the region.  Finally, both TAMU-K and DMC fall under the auspices of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and, as such, are aligned in many areas of curriculum, (the common core, e.g.), assessment (student learner outcomes, e.g.), and reporting (continuing reports on enrollment, retention and graduation rates).

Texas A&M University-Kingsville.  Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMU-K) is a state- supported institution serving an area of rural South Texas bordering Mexico.  The University serves an area approximately the size of West Virginia, ranging from San Antonio to the Mexican border.  TAMU-K is designated as a Hispanic-serving institution, with ~57% of its student population being Hispanic.

Del Mar College.  Del Mar College (DMC) is a community college located in Corpus Christi, TX, which offers a wide variety of academic and vocational programs to traditional and adult learners.  DMC is designated as a Hispanic-serving institution, with 58% of its student population being Hispanic.

Activity 1

Strengthening Academic Support Programs and Services Enhancing Student Success.  

Activity 1 will increase student retention and graduation rates by providing Supplemental Instruction (SI) in historically difficult courses. The mission of the SI Program is to provide collaborative peer-learning experiences that improve understanding of subject content, foster critical thinking, and strengthen study strategies. The goals and objectives of SI include building a community of life-long learners via effective, interactive study sessions that help students develop as role models through academic achievement in their university studies and their professional careers.

SI Data broken down by semester in AY 2012-2013:

Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013 and Overall AY 2012-2013

SI Data available for Overall AY 2013 - 2014

Activity 2

Strengthening Institutional Capacity in Career Services or Graduate Study and Enhancing Academic Success through Career Exploration and Planning.

Activity 2 will develop and strengthen institutional capacity in career awareness and planning as a positive influence on student success and retention at TAMU-K and DMC. Participants on each campus will develop skills and abilities appropriate to their chosen profession as they increase their understanding of opportunities available to them upon graduation. As students are prepared for life after college in the professional world through this program, they will develop a better sense of options available to them as they develop skills and abilities important to their educational and professional objectives. The development of an educational career awareness program improving the total learning experience will serve as the foundation for this activity. Students will participate in career exploration and goal setting.

Professional Developments :

Faculty Professional Development

SI Leader, Tutor, Mentor Professional Development

Measurable Outcomes.  Project evaluation will assess achievement of the following TAMU-K – DMC Title V goals:  Student Success Pipeline for activity 1 and 2 participants, Progression toward degree completion for activity 1 and 2 participants compared to peers; Attitudinal changes associated with program implementation; Faculty/staff satisfaction with professional development activities; and Faculty/staff attitudinal changes associated with program implementation.

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