2015-2016 Executive & Ethics Committee (secret ballot vote)

President: Amit Verma
President Elect: Rajab Challoo
Secretary: Polly Allred
Parliamentarian: Nestor Sherman
College of Ag Rep.: Kathleen Rees
College of Arts & Science Rep.: Richard Miller
College of Business Rep.: Valerie Bartelt
College of Education Rep.: Monica Wong-Ratcliff
College of Engineering Rep.: Joseph Sai

Committee on Committees

College of Ag Rep.: Ryan Rhoades
College of Arts & Sciences Rep.: Todd Lucas
College of Business Rep.: Ruth Chatelain-Jardon
College of Education Rep.: Nestor Sherman
College of Engineering Rep.: Rajab Challoo

2015-2016 Election Committee

Bart Ballard
Daniel Burt
Elizabeth Janzen
Lifford McLauchlan

2015-2016 Resolutions and By-laws Committee 

College of Ag Rep: Eliezer Louzada 
College of Arts & Sciences Rep.: Ed Butterworth
College of Business Rep.: Kendra Huff
College of Education Rep.: Patricia Huskin
College of Engineering Rep.: Joseph Sai
Library Rep.: Maria Ayala-Schueneman

Standing Committees

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