Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Leaders of the Pack

Pack Leaders: The primary role of a Pack Leader is to serve as a support system for freshmen as they transition from high school into college life. Each Pack Leader guides a group of incoming Freshmen through Javelina Camp and is the first connection for a Freshman to the Javelina Family. Pack Leaders are key members of the Javelina Camp team and conduct everything from skits about school traditions to sharing their own personal experiences with students based on their individual paths.

Warrens: Named so in honor of the first steward of the University's Javelina mascot, W.H. "Aggie" Warren, the primary role of a “Warren” is to work alongside Javelina Camp Pack Leaders and Directors in the planning and facilitating of programs. The responsibility of a Warren includes logistics and operations and setting the environment to ensure that all freshmen have the best experience possible.

Javelina Camp Leaders

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