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Welcome to the Honors College at Texas A&M University-Kingsville!

     The Honors College provides a foundation for our students to get the most out of their academic experience. Our goal is to engage students in an enriched educational experience through increased undergraduate research opportunities, creative collaborations, leadership develop-ment, community engagement, unique internships, and international program opportunities. Students may pursue any major they choose, thus being part of two academic colleges. To graduate from the Honors College, students must take honors courses and conduct a senior research project. These experiences provide a comprehensive approach to learning.

     At the Honors College, we also believe in the concept of living-learning residential programs. Our adminis-trative offices are located in the Mesquite Village West residence hall, where we have an Honors Living-Learning Community. We are excited to welcome both our current and newly admitted Javelina Honors students. If you have not applied to the Honors College and think you may qualify, please review our application procedures on this website. You can join the Honors College as an incoming freshman or transfer student. You can also apply as a current student at TAMUK.

Dr. Kim McCuistion
Interim Dean


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Get to Know You Thursday

Finish this list:  James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and HCer __________________

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New Record Set

The number of Honors contracts signed for Fall 2014 sets a new record for the college:  185 contracts in 110 courses.  The previous record was 135 contracts.  We also have our first ROTC course contract.  We thank all the faculty who are working with these students.

If anyone is interested in what projects our student do through an Honors contract, we have compiled a historical listing by course and Professor.  This list shows the range and depth of additional training our students are getting in their TAMUK courses.






Mesquite Village West

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The TAMUK Honors College is affiliated with:

The National Collegiate Honors Council

The Great Plains Honors Council



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