For the Safety of the University

Our office is located in College Hall, Room 210

Contact us by phone at University Extension 2646 or 4131

University phones begin with (361) 593 when calling from non-campus phones

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The Safety Office is committed ensure the campus of Texas A&M University Kingsville is a safe and enjoyable place to work, learn, and live. This office is also responsible for providing educational and training programs, technical assistance, and on-site consultation services to the university‘s departments to ensure environmental and safety compliance.

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

Here at TAMUK, we rely on support from our fellow employees. In turn, we supply as much information as possible to build an awareness and safe attitude to the concerns of expected and unexpected working and environmental conditions.

Employee Safety Manual:

Each employee is ultimately responsible for his or her own personal safety, but by working together to understand and practice appropriate safety procedures, Texas A&M-Kingsville will become a safer place to work. Most work related incidences can be avoided through proper training, proper supervision, proper planning and proper work practices. It is very important that you and your supervisor discuss job-specific procedures and the training necessary to perform your specific job duties. The Employee Safety Manual was drafted to provide written procedures and A&M Polices and promote a safe working environment for all employees of Texas A&M University Kingsville.

Incident Reporting Procedures:

An incident is an unplanned occurrence that resulted or could have resulted in injury to people; damage to property; equipment; or the environment. When incidents are reported promptly, injured persons receive timely medical care, and unsafe conditions receive prompt corrective action. The Environmental Health & Safety Office assists departments in investigating work related incidences to identify incident trends, effectiveness of current safety programs, and to prevent similar incidences from occurring. Employees must report any work related injury or incident to their supervisor immediately upon occurrence or discovery of an injured person.

Even though we hope this form never gets used, an Incident Report Form has been drafted to provide a timely and uniformed way of reporting incidents.

Emergency Management:

Texas A&M University-Kingsville is committed to providing a safe campus environment. However, Texas A&M-Kingsville realizes that crises, or critical incidences, may occur within the university community; and an effective and timely response is crucial to mitigate the effects of the incident. With preparedness and practice of appropriate safety procedures of the University's Emergency Management Plan, Texas A&M University Kingsville will become a safer place to work, study, and enjoy.

 Ready ot Not!

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) developed the Ready or Not? public education campaign to help people begin to prepare themselves and their family for any emergency. DSHS is making all campaign materials (available at available to continue the preparedness effort.

The Ready or Not? campaign focuses on raising public awareness and promoting personal and family preparedness. The campaign is also designed to trigger communication among family and friends about what it takes to be prepared for any emergency situation. Key messaging is designed around three easy to remember components:
Be Prepared 


Talk about your emergency plan with your family. Know where your family will meet if you have to evacuate and when it’s important for your family to stay put. Include in your family plan elderly neighbors and people with disabilities who need someone to look out for them. Also remember your pets.

Be Prepared!

Make a shopping list for items you don’t already have, and store all essentials in one place. Essentials include
at least a three-day supply of water and nonperishable food, among other items. A website developed by
DSHS, ( in Spanish), walks you through a complete emergency
supply checklist and helps you prepare a customized list of essentials.

Be Prepared!Como Se Prepara Texas

Know how you will receive information in an emergency. Make sure important documents, or copies, are
gathered in a safe, accessible place. Those documents include identification cards, insurance policies, lists
of medications, and important phone numbers. Have a battery-operated radio on hand.

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