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Online Distance Fee Waiver FAQ

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

  1. What is the Online Distance Fee Waiver?
    • This waiver covers the Hospital Fee, Student Center Fee, and Rec Sports Fee; maximum $287.
  2. How can I apply for the Online Distance Fee Waiver?
    • The form has been expired due to deadline.
  3. When is the deadline for the waiver?
    • The deadline for the Online Distance Fee Waiver is September 21, 2020. No waiver applications or appeals will be accepted after this census date.
  4. How will students be identified for the Online Distance Fee Waiver?
    • Student must be taking all 400 or 600 section courses.
    • Students must have a LOCAL address type on file with the University.
    • Must reside more than 50 miles from Kingsville.
  5. How can I change my address?
    • Students will need to make the changes via JNET. Select the LOCAL address type and enter the address that reflects your physical location for the current term.
    • Quick Guide to Verify/Add Local Address
  6. When will I see the waiver post to my account?
    • Once you have submitted an application, you will receive an email response within 2-3 business days after eligibility verification. If approved, you will also see the waiver posted in MoneyConnect.
    • Please Note: A final eligibility verification will take place after the 20th class day. Students no longer meeting eligibility criteria may have their waiver repealed.
  7. Students who are approved for the waiver may also receive a Distance Education Fee of $60 per SCH if they are registered for any of the courses listed below. It is recommended that you check your student schedule to determine if you will incur a Distance Education Fee as a result of the waiver.
  8. I live in (city), is that 50 miles away?
    • If you reside in the following zip codes, you will not qualify for the waiver:
    Zip Codes that do not qualify for the waiver
    Zip Codes that are not eligible for the waiver
    78330 78332 78335 78336 78338 78339
    78340 78341 78342 78343 78349 78351
    78352 78355 78359 78362 78363 78368
    78370 78372 78373 78374 78375 78376
    78379 78380 78383 78384 78385 78387
    78390 78401 78402 78404 78405 78406
    78407 78408 78409 78410 78411 78412
    78413 78414 78415 78416 78417 78418
  9. What if I have already paid these fees? What happens then?
    • If you have paid your balance in full and you receive the waiver credit, the credit amount will be reflected and a refund will be issued through BankMobile.
  10. Should I not pay these fees and wait for the waiver to credit my account?
    • It is encouraged for students to pay their account by the payment deadline of August 18, 2020. If a student decides not to pay these fees, their account may still have and outstanding balance and result in a late payment fee of $35.00. Students can also enroll into a payment plan until their waiver has been processed.
  11. If I enroll in 6 hours, can you tell me how much I will owe? How much will the waiver amount be?
    • Students should refer to their JPAK as it will list the amounts of each fee. JPAK information can be found on the Tuition and Fees page of the Business Office page.
    • The maximum waiver amount given to the student is $287.00.
  12. What is the Health Fee?
    • This fee is the same as the Hospital fee.
  13. What if a professor granted me permission to take a face to face course remotely? Do I still complete the waiver request through B&G? Am I eligible?
    • Yes, complete the B&G Waiver application. If you are denied the waiver due to ineligible online courses, but you have received approval from your professor to take the course remote for the entire semester, an appeal must be submitted.
    • The Appeal Forms page will have the appeal needed to submit a special request for the distance fee waiver. Documentation of the approval from the professor must be provided.
    • The requests submitted will be reviewed after the 12th class day and any approvals will be reflected on your student account.