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MBA Program Structure

 1. Core Focused (6 Credits)

BUAD 5201. Advanced Business Writing – 2 cr
Organization and preparation of reports of the type used in business, including proposals, informal and formal reports. Techniques of collecting, interpreting and presenting information useful to management to include the use of technology and the web for increasing productivity and enhancing the report content and image.

BUAD 5102. Diversity in the Work Place – 1 cr
Develop an awareness and sensitivity to issues of race, religion, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities in the work place, and become aware of ethical and legal issues related to diversity.

BUAD 5103. Business and Professional Ethics – 1 cr
The issues, challenges, and opportunities business leaders face in managing employee ethical behavior as they carry out their professional responsibilities and communicate with customers are discussed. The understanding of how to cope with conflicts between personal values and those of the organization is important in ethical decision making.

BUAD 5204. Managerial Business Statistics – 2 cr
Statistical methods as applied to business and economic problem analysis: descriptive statistics, sampling, probability, statistical inference, regression analysis, correlation analysis, time series and index numbers.

2. Global Focused (12 credits)

ACCT 5237. Global Accounting – 2 cr
A study of the international dimensions of accounting, including the patterns of accounting development found in other nations, the development of worldwide accounting standards, and the accounting problems associated with multinational corporate operations.

FINC 5239. Global Finance – 2 cr
Foreign exchange markets, balance of international payments, borrowing and investment decisions. Changes in exchange rates:  pricing, profitability and output decisions, international aspects of capital decisions.

MGMT 5241. Global Management – 2 cr
Management of the internationally competitive firm; topics considered include leadership, organizational structure, cultural differences and similarities and competitive analysis.

MKTG 5243. Global Marketing – 2 cr
Examines marketing in other countries, the marketing implications of cultural and environmental differences, international marketing research and adaptation of product, price, promotion and distribution decisions to international environments. Topics include international trade theory and the multinational firm.  

ECON 5245. Global Economics – 2 cr
International trade theory and policy and international monetary economics; balance of payments and exchange rate theory. Apply trade theories and models to explain why countries trade, gains from trade and trade partners. Trade unions, tariffs, quotas and other non-tariff barriers to trade. Reasons and consequences of trade deficits.  

BUAD 5247. Global Business – 2 cr
Major business law topics and issues involved in international business transactions. Global topics discussed include areas in business, management, politics, law, and culture and ethics.

3. Managing Technology Focused (select 3 credits)

ISYS 5340. Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation – 3 cr
A study of systems analysis, design and implementation techniques that can be used to analyze, improve or create, and manage organizational information and communications systems.

ISYS 5342. Data Mining and Cyber Forensics – 3 cr
A study of Cyber Forensics, which is the science of finding and securing digital evidence within company networks. Discussion will focus on the increasing demand for Cyber Forensics usage, which is being driven by the proliferation and complexity of security issues increasingly being faced by companies.

4. Electives (9 credits)

Choose from many courses that will complete your desired content learning depth. 

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