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The world of health care administration is becoming more demanding and the need for well-educated employees is unparalleled.  This certificate program will address real world applications taught by professionals who have been in the field.  This program is focused on helping you get promoted above your peers, to give you that working knowledge in the field of health care administration. You will network with your fellow classmates through projects, discussions and online chats.  You are not limited by time and place, all classes will be taught Online.
Admission requirements:

 * Possess a Bachelor's Degree with a GPA of 2.5 or better 

  • MGMT 5252    Leadership for Health Professionals    This course examines the dynamic nature of organizations in the health services field and the implications for leaders and managers within the context of organizations as open systems from an individual, group and system perspective.(Spring 2014)
  • MGMT 5254    Health Information Management    This Course addresses both the principles and practices of health information management by providing new ways for providers and their patients to readily access and use health information and  information technology (IT) which has the potential to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care.(Spring 2014)
  • MGMT 5256    Health Care Law and Ethics    For those who will be leading and shaping twenty-first century health care organizations, it focuses on the legal relationships among healthcare users, providers, public interest and the government.  The questions will be raised about health law issues such as emergence of the U.S. as a player in the global health care industry, innovative new approaches to the payer/provider model, and future of tailored therapeutics. (Fall 2014)
  • MGMT 5258    Supply Chain Mgmt in Healthcare    This course provides understanding, knowledge and evaluation models to manage an organization’s enterprise resource planning and management system, specifically with regard to the supply chain system and the management of that system as evaluated from a strategic, financial and operations management perspective.. (Summer 2014)
  • MGMT 5260    Health Care Organizational Design and Behaviors    This course provides an overall perspective on the health care sector, discusses the distinctive challenges facing health care organizations, and examines the roles of leaders and manager in influencing organizational culture, performance and change. (Summer 2014)
  • MGMT 5262    Health Care Financial Management    A thorough introduction of The Financial management for health care organizations including cost controls, basic accounting principles for health care,  budgeting and variance analysis, selecting long-term and short term assets, and inventory management. (Fall 2014)
  • MGMT 5264  Contemporary Issues in Health Care    A course for Health Care Administration students to expose them to the most current economic, technical, political and social aspects of health care generally and reimbursement, community assessment, preparedness and alliances and mergers specifically based on contemporary issues within the healthcare industry.  Course material will be based on current policies, trends, program requirements and socio-economic events that influence the healthcare environment. (Fall 2014)

Contact Kim London at Kim.London@tamuk.edu •  361-593-2501 or MBA@tamuk.edu for additional information.

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