External Scholarship Opportunities for Business Students

Opportunities are still available for undergraduate business students to apply for external scholarships. These external scholarships may be provided by private donors, foundations, businesses and many other sources outside of Texas A&M University-Kingsville. These can potentially help students cover the costs of their education and education related expenses. Student eligibility depends upon a number of factors, all of which are set forth by the organization which offers the scholarship.

The Rusty Tweed Economics Scholarship- undergraduates who have demonstrated excellence in their studies of economics or finance, and who have maintained a high-level of academic performance.

*Undergraduates enrolled in college do not have to be pursuing an economic major to be eligible


The Luigi Wewege Foundation Scholarship- incoming undergraduate and current undergraduates who have not reached their senior year


We encourage students to research the scholarships they are interested in and to learn more about the eligibility requirements and application procedures.  Follow the links to learn more details about the scholarship, including important information such as eligibility requirements and application deadline.

This page was last updated on: August 4, 2017