David Cochran: MBA Student Highlight

David Cochran

Taken from Around Javelina Nation

New Jersey native David Cochran just received his Master’s in Business Administration in August 2017. The 32-year-old currently resides in Philadelphia and is one of many students who has benefited from A&M-Kingsville’s virtual programs.

Why did you decide to attend Texas A&M University-Kingsville?

After completing a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and working in “Big Pharma” for several years, it became apparent that to advance within the organization, having a mastery of business administration was a critical skill set.

To that end, I began researching Accredited Online MBA programs based on the best balance of ranking and prestige to tuition cost. Additionally, I needed a degree that was flexible enough in their plan to accommodate my full-time career which included a lot of traveling for work. After an exhaustive search, Texas A&M University-Kingsville was consistently listed as the top online degree of choice.

Did you conduct research on the university prior to making your decision?

Yes. It was extremely important to me to research an accredited program at a university that was flexible in degree plans considering my full-time career. I wanted somewhere that was well respected and had a reasonable tuition cost, even for out-of-staters.

Do your professors take the time to ensure you fully understand the content you’re being taught?

Professors definitely take the steps required to make sure students understand; something that is difficult to do in a fully online program. It is obvious a number of professors personally build their coursework from scratch, rather than utilizing a boilerplate system that makes it impossible for colleges to stand apart.

What research are you currently focusing on?

My current research (and career) focuses on the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms, biologics, and medical devices.

How do you think this research will prepare you for your future career?

Combining my engineering toolbox with the skill set I’ve learned during my time at A&M-Kingsville has given me a unique advantage over most of my scientist peers. Traditionally within Research & Development, we would focus solely on product development without any regard to financials implications. Now, I feel confident I have a leg up by understanding GP calculations and P&L estimations among other things that I now realize are just as important as the R&D effort itself.

What do you think makes Texas A&M University—Kingsville unique?

The fully online aspect and willingness of the staff to develop a customized degree plan, no matter how fast or slow, definitely makes the university unique. After much research, I discovered many other colleges required either strict adherence to a student schedule or multiple in-person requirements, which did not interest me given my full-time career and experience in academia given already having a Ph.D.

What advice do you have for any students considering pursuing a higher education at A&M-Kingsville?

Do your research. Just like purchasing a house or a significant amount of stock in a company, college is an investment, an investment in yourself. Make sure you understand the benefits and risks before commitment. I found Texas A&M University-Kingsville to be the perfect balance in terms of “investment” in myself.

This page was last updated on: September 26, 2017