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Department of Social Work

Master in Social work Graduate program

Master in Social Work

"Hands Across Cultures: Social Work in Action"

The TAMUK Clinical/Activist MSW program prepares graduates for advanced social work practice with the diverse populations and social service settings in the rural US/Mexico border and outlining regions. In order to be admitted to the TAMUK MSW program, applicants must apply through the TAMUK online application process and meet the requirements for admission. Applicants must also meet the specific MSW program admissions requirements.

Message from the Director Clinical/Activist MSW Program


It is a great pleasure to provide information on our new Clinical/Activist MSW program. there are two program offerings; a two year program for those without a BSW who complete a total of 60 credits and the Advance Standing 1 year MSW which requires 30 credit hours to graduate.

The Two Year Program takes 5 semester and/or 2 calendar years of full time study to complete. The Advance Standing Program takes 3 semesters or I calendar year of full time study to complete

Beginning in July 1, 2016 I started work on the CSWE Initial Accreditation eligibility Bench Mark I with site visit on February 13, 2017. Approved Bench Mark I and proceeded to Bench Mark II with site visit on April 26 &27, 2018. Now the program is preparing for the Third and final site visit on May 8 & 9, 2019. This is the Initial Accreditation Bench Mark III and expect to be accredited by CSWE sometime in October 2019. During this time, all graduates are eligible to site for the MSW licensing exam as per CSWE policy.

The program graduated the first cohort of 8 students December 2017, the second cohort of 9 students August 2018 and will graduate the third cohort of 7 students in May 2019 and another cohort of 5 students August 2019.

The program continues to grow and we attribute this to offering hybrid courses on Saturday and evenings format. The Clinical/Activist MSW curriculum uses the Rurality paradigm developed to prepare graduates with the knowledge, values and skills necessary for work in rural South Texas Border environments. At this time, the program is collaborating with Banquete Independent School District to develop a field placement for school social work and development of a social service agency to provide services. In addition, the program works closely with South Texas Colonias Initiative to advocate for Nueces County Colonias in their struggle for social justice in economic, political and environmental policies.


Robert Villa, MSW, PhD

Directory TAMUK Clinical/Activist MSW Program