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Communication Sciences and Disorders

Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSDO) is a growing field in today’s society. The demand for speech pathologists and audiologists is constantly increasing and will continue to grow for the next several years. As a speech language pathologist (SLP) or audiologist (A), one can expect to work with a variety of people in a multitude of settings. With a bachelor’s degree, one can work as an assistant under the supervision of a licensed speech language pathologist or audiologist. With a master’s degree, you can work in hospitals, rehabilitative clinics, schools or even private practice.

 Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders requires a minimum of 120-121 hours for graduation with a minor in psychology. Out of the 120-121 hours, 36 hours are CSDO classes and 18 hours are for a minor in psychology. Students also must meet the general education and residence requirements as stated in the Texas A&M University-Kingsville catalog. In addition, for the CSDO major you must maintain an overall GPA of 2.75 as well as a GPA of 3.0 in CSDO courses.

 New Student Information

The deadline to apply for undergraduate and undergraduate transfer admission to the university is as follows: August 15 for the fall semester, December

15 for the spring semester, May 15 for the summer I session, and June 15 for the summer II session.  All students entering the communication sciences and disorders program are assigned an academic advisor to help guide them through the next few years. It is advised that you consult with your advisor before registering for any classes

CSDO Main Office

If you have any questions about our undergraduate or graduate programs, please feel free to contact our main office.



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