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CSDO Curriculum


CSDO 2325 Phonetics          3 credits

Training in the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet and practice in the transcription of normal and disordered speech.

CSDO 3305 Introduction to Communication Disorders  3 credits

Cause, diagnosis, and therapies of communication disorders, delays or differences.

CSDO 3333 Normal Language Acquisition                       3 credits

Symbolic system used by humans to communicate; role of learning in perception, comprehension, and expression of linguistic codes; sequential development of normal language skills.

CSDO 3321 Anatomy of the Auditory and Vocal Mechanism        3 credits

Designed to acquaint the student with the physiology and functions of the vocal and auditory mechanism.

CSDO 3313 Introduction to Audiology              3 credits

Basic audiological concepts and their applicability to instrumentation and educational procedures utilized in the habilitation and/or rehabilitation of the pre-school and school aged child.

CSDO 4223 Clinical Practice in Speech/Language Pathology          3 credits

Administration of speech/language therapy and diagnostic evaluation under direct supervision. May be repeated once. Attendance required at weekly clinical conference.

CSDO 4321 Articulatory and Phonological Disorders      3 credits

In-depth study of the development of speech sounds, etiologies of articulation and phonological disorders, assessment, procedures, and therapeutic approaches for working with individuals with articulation disorders.  Demonstration and simulated practice will be provided in class.  Requires completion of 5 observation hours related to course content

CSDO 4327 Diagnostics in Speech Language Pathology  3 credits

Course will provide the student with information to demonstrate an understanding of the diagnostic process in the area of Communication Disorders.  Knowledge of test protocols and assessment methods in language, articulation, voice, and stuttering disorders.  Requires completion of 5 observation hours related to course content

CSDO 4329 Voice and Fluency Disorders                          3 credits

Lecture will consist of specific knowledge regarding the symptoms and etiologies of voice and fluency disorders.  A basic knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures will also be obtained.  Requires completion of 5 observation hours related to course content

CSDO 4331 Speech and Hearing Science                           3 credits

Physical properties of sound, sound measurement, basic auditory function, acoustic and physiological phonetics, and the perception of speech.

CSDO 4335 Communication Disorders in Children                         3 credits

Interventions (principles and methods) for developmentally delayed or disordered language;  specific procedures for planning and implementation of therapy.  Requires completion of 5 observation hours related to course content

CSDO 4336 Communication Disorders in Adults                            3 credits

The study of adult disordered communicative processes.  Consideration is given to signs and symptoms, etiology, clinical course, and vocational-social impact of these disorders.  Principles of assessment and intervention are highlighted.  Requires completion of 5 observation hours related to course content

CSDO 4390 (formerly 4325) Clinical Methodologies                    3 credits

Designed to acquaint the student with clinical methods in Speech-Language Pathology before beginning clinical practice.  Topics include targets, treatment methods, and controlling and maintaining target behaviors.

Graduate Courses

Undergraduates who wish to take Graduate courses prior to receiving their Bachelor's degree must meet the criteria for graduate admission.  Approval must be obtained from the Program Chair and students must submit GPA and GRE scores in order to be considered.  Students must also be within 12 hours of graduation.  Please contact Dr Fields with additional questions, x2193

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