Degrees in Plant and Soil Science

Bachelor of Science Degree Plans: Plant and Soil Science


Environmental Soil Science


Because our courses can change from time to time, it is important to keep in close contact with your advisor to learn about any alterations to your degree plan. 

Are you concerned with the environment and our natural resources? Do you enjoy being involved with nature? Are you concerned with the safety of our food supply and human health?

Students who share these concerns will find that our plant and soil science program is centered upon our environment, how we interact with it and how our agricultural practices influence its future. With conservation of land, soil and water resources being of the utmost concern, students in the plant and soil science program engage in studies and research centered upon finding solutions to these concerns.

Our plant and soil science program offers career options in the fields of agronomy, environmental soil science and horticulture. Through rigorous coursework and research, students learn the importance of farmland preservation, improving crop production, increasing crop nutrition for human health and enhancing crops through genetic engineering. Graduates find employment in diverse areas including federal and state government agencies, farm managers, greenhouse industry, research and engineering firms, chemical and biotechnology companies.

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