Courses in General Agriculture

2330. Introduction to Systems Thinking for Agriculture. 3(3-0)
A multi-disciplinary introduction to agriculture, agribusiness, and environmental science with emphasis on a systems approach to natural resource problem solving.

2380. Emerging Leaders in Agriculture. 3(3-0)
A basic introduction to leadership theories and practice with an emphasis on a strengths based leadership framework and the creation of a personal development plan for becoming a campus leader. Serves as entry course to leadership certificate program.

3330. Decision Making Tools in Complex Systems. 3(3-0)
A dynamic approach to understand different systems of interest with emphasis given to decision support systems (DSS) and how different types of models are used to aid in management decision making. Prerequisite: AGRI 2330.

3372. Contemporary Issues [WI] 3(3-0)
Current issues that impact agriculture that include: world food supply/security; the human diet; cultural, economic, and political consideration; environmental concerns; food safety; animal rights/welfare, genetic engineering, etc., are presented and discussed to provide students with practical and technical knowledge to prepare them for their careers.

3995. Internship. [WI] V:1-9
Supervised and planned work experience under college guidelines in an agriculture enterprise or agency setting. Practical application of knowledge and skills of major subject area without classroom consultation, but with formal evaluation. May be repeated for a maximum of nine semester hours toward degree; may not count toward minor. Prerequisite: written consent of adviser and dean.

4171. Seminar. 1(1-0)
A review of current literature on agricultural subjects. Assigned reading on selected topics with weekly conferences.

4330. Systems Modeling and Analysis for Agriculture. 3(3-0)
A practical application of systems analysis and simulation within the context of agriculture, ecology, and natural resource management; emphasis placed on development, evaluation and use of simulation models by students. Prerequisite: AGRI 3330.

4350. Collective Leadership in Agriculture and Human Sciences. 3(3-0)
Through case studies, reflective analysis, scenario learning and service learning, students will develop leadership skills in a systems thinking approach to issues in agriculture, natural resources and human sciences, by application of knowledge in real world contexts. Students will acquire an understanding of the inextricable relationship among agriculture, natural resources, human sciences and society. Prerequisite: senior standing.

4380. Advancing Leaders in Agriculture. 3(3-0)
A capstone exploration of the role of leadership and commitment to civic engagement with emphasis on the application of leadership development in order to become a socially responsible leader and an active, engaged citizen in agriculture. Prerequisite: AGRI 2380.

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