Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Environmental Sciences


Farming, ranching and proper stewardship of our natural resources are at the heart of agricultural education in South Texas. The Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness and Environmental Sciences prepares students for an exciting career in the fields of business, education and natural resource management as related to the agricultural community. Our students learn how to address today's challenges and become problem solvers for current and future management decisions.

Because of Texas A&M University-Kingsville's progressive research program, our students have access to facilities and advisors at the nationally acclaimed Citrus Center in Weslaco. Advances in the field of horticulture pursued at the Citrus Center place it at the cutting edge of development in the Lower Rio Grande Valley's important citrus industry. Renowned developments at the Citrus Center include the creation of the Rio Red and Star Ruby grapefruits.

In addition, the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management is the first program in the nation to provide a degree dealing with ranch management at the master's level. Undergraduate students benefit from this program through the many guest speakers, symposia, and lectureships that are presented through the institute.

Our students learn about the latest trends and technology through a variety of hands-on training applicable to their area(s) of interest. Opportunities to study in laboratories, greenhouses and on the University Farm are available to all students. We capitalize on our rural environment to provide students with a unique teaching structure, with emphasis on communication, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and research to help our students become top leaders post graduation.

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