Advising Tips for the Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences

Before you meet with your advisor

Check out and review our policies, procedures, and forms pages where you will find helpful hints about dropping and adding courses, important downloadable forms and answers to other questions you might have.

Helpful Advising Tips

  • Try to stay on track with your degree plan, but don't get so overloaded that you sink. This especially goes for those of you who are working while you go to school.
  • Don't procrastinate. Many of your basic requirements are prerequisites for your career courses. Get them over with early on.
  • Try to use your electives to bolster your degree with courses that might make you more marketable. For example, if you are in animal and wildlife sciences, a business or accounting class will make you look good if you want to be a ranch manager.

If my degree plan says I need three hours of Communications, what class can I take?

Any of the following courses:
COMS 1307 - Introduction to Mass Media
COMS 1311 - Introduction to Oral Communication
COMS 1315 - Business & Professional Communications
COMS 1336 - Introduction to Television Production
COMS 2374 - Professional Communication
ENGL 2374 - Professional Communication

If my degree plan says I need three hours of Creative arts, what classes can I take?

Any of the following courses:
ARTS 1303 - Art History I
COMM 2304 - Introduction to Filmmaking
MUSI 2306 - Introduction to Music History & Literature
MUSI 2308 - History of Jazz
MUSI 2310 - History of Rock & Roll
THEA 2310 - Introduction to Theatre

If my degree plan says I need three hours of a Language/Philosophy/Culture course, what classes can I take?

ANTH 2302 - Introduction to Anthropology
ENGL 2331 - Global Issues in Literature
ENGL 2342 - Readings in Poetry and Novel
ENGL 2362 - Readings in Short Story and Drama
FREN 1311 - Elementary French
FREN 1312 - Elementary French
FREN 2311 - Intermediate French
FREN 2312 - Intermediate French
HIST 2321/2322 - The Development of World Civilization
PHIL 1301 - Introduction to Philosophy
SPAN 1313 - Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1314 - Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 1373 - Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN 2301 - Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2302 - Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 2311 - Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2312 - Intermediate Spanish II
Spanish/French (Appropriate placement tests required - Contact the language and literature department at 593-2516)

If my degree plan says I need three hours of Social/Behavioral course, what classes can I take?

ANTH 2301 - Introduction to Archeology
ECON 2301 - Principles of Economics I
ECON 2302 - Principles of Economics II
EDKN 2335 -  Sport in Global Society
EVEN 2372 - Environmental Engineering in a Global Society
HSCI 2323 - Marriage and Family Relationships
POLS 2304 - Introduction to Political Science
POLS 2340 - World Politics
PSYC 2301 - Introduction to Psychology
SOCI 1301 - Principles of Sociology
SOCI 1306 - Social Problems
SOCI 2361 - Pluralistic Societies

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