Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Academic Programs


B = Bachelor’s degree programs
M = Master’s degree programs
D = Doctoral degree programs


- Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Environmental Sciences

- Animal, Rangeland, and Wildlife Sciences

- Art, Communications & Theatre

- Biological and Health Sciences

- Chemistry

- Chemical and Natural Gas Engineering

- Clinical Health Sciences

- Civil and Architectural Engineering

- Educational Leadership and Counseling

- Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

- Environmental Engineering

- Health and Kinesiology

- History, Political Science & Philosophy

- Human Sciences

- Industrial Management and Technology

- Language & Literature

- Mathematics

- Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

- Music

- Physics & Geosciences

- Psychology & Sociology

- Teacher and Bilingual Education

Accounting (B)

Adult Education (M)

Agribusiness (B, M)

Agriculture Science (B, M)

Animal Science (B, M)

Animal Wildlife Veterinary Technology (B)

Applied Arts and Sciences (B)

Architectural Engineering (B)

Art (B)

Bilingual Education (M, D)

Biology (B, M)

Biomedical Sciences (B)

Business Administration (M) online degree

Chemical Engineering (B, M)

Chemistry (B, M)

Civil Engineering (B, M)

Communication Sciences and Disorders (B, M)

Communications (B)

Community Health (B)

Computer Science (B, M)

Counseling and Guidance (M)

Criminal Justice (B)

Criminology (B, M)

Cultural Studies (M)

Early Childhood (M)

Education (M)

Educational Administration (M)

Educational Leadership (D)

Electrical Engineering (B, M)

English (B)

Environmental Engineering (B, M, D)

Finance (B)

General Business Administration (B)

Geosciences (B)

Hispanic Studies (D)

History (B)

History and Politics (M)

Horticulture (D)

Human Nutrition (B)

Human Sciences (B, M)

Industrial Engineering (M)

Industrial Management and Technology (B)

Industrial Management (M)

Information Systems (B)

Instructional Technology (M)

Interdisciplinary Studies (B)

International Business Certificate  

Kinesiology (B, M)

Management (B)

Marketing (B)

Mathematics (B)

Mechanical Engineering (B, M)

Music (B)

Music Education (M)

Natural Gas Engineering (B, M)

Plant and Soil Sciences (B, M)

Political Science (B)

Psychology (B, M)

Physics (B)

Ranch Management (M)

Range and Wildlife Management (B, M)

Reading Specialization (M)

Social Work (B)

Sociology (B, M)

Spanish (B)

Special Education (M)

Wildlife Science (D)

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