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Certificates and Concentrations

  • GIS Certificate can be taken as a minor course. The certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is designed to provide additional technical and specialized training for individual's interested in acquiring hand-on experience with major GIS and remote sensing software packages, such as ArcGIS and ENVI, necessary for infrastructure management, planning, and business applications.
  • Certificate of Facility Management: Facility operations and management is a growing field. Currently, from a business standpoint, facility management is generally the second most costly item for a business, behind employee salaries. Business plans and facility operation strategies often compete for financial resources. Proper integration of a facility management program can reduce the cost of operations and capital expenses.
  • Forensic Accounting CertificateForensic Accounting is a unique combination of accounting/finance knowledge combined with legal and investigative techniques that empowers these professionals to search out and identify illegal activity. They often partner with law enforcement personnel and attorneys and serve as expert trial witnesses.
  • Product Pricing and Business Analytics Concentration: Business Analytics and Product Pricing is a cross-functional area that offers the student significant internships and career possibilities in almost every industry. It is an emerging function area that gives professionals a hands-on opportunity to apply analytics to business problems and situations by leveraging “Big Data,” helping companies to increase profitability by improving the way they analyze, set and deliver prices, including enforcing pricing policies. 

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