Management is the process of coordinating organizational resources; land, labor, capital and information–to meet a goal. It is the force that unites everyone in an organization and sets everything in motion. Careers in management include retail manager, job analyst, inventory analyst, purchasing agent/retail buyer, labor relations specialist, employee benefits & compensation specialist, operations manager, and entrepreneur/business owner.

As a management student you will learn to...

  • Critically analyze management-related problems, identify appropriate solutions, review courses of action, and make recommendations

  • Locate, select, and place qualified employees

  • Monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services

  • Develop operational strategies to effectively interact with internal and external stakeholders to achieve overall organizational goals

Contact Information
Dr. Jack Shorter
Chair, Department of Management, Marketing and Information Systems
BUSA 226
Phone: 361.593.2130
fax: 361.593.3708

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