Marketing Major

A Degree in Marketing Can Take You Far

Put your creativity, strategic thinking, brand building and technology skills to work.

Marketing at TAMUK is distinguished by the integration of experiential learning and the latest insights from academic research. You develop conceptual, analytical, leadership, communication, and creative skills through case discussions, marketing plans, in-class exercises, and hands-on experience with working on company projects. You also learn the academic evidence for “what works” in marketing from leading scholars in the field.

Our students have a number of opportunities to develop specialized skills in marketing, to do an internship to practice what they learn, and to participate in academic research. As a Marketing major you’ll not only learn the basic principles of marketing goods and services, consumer behavior, marketing research and strategy, you’ll be exposed to negotiation, promotion, retail and sales management, digital marketing, and even web-design.

Business begins with a product or service.  No matter how efficiently a product is manufactured, how effectively an operation is managed or how accurately those operations may be accounted, no business can be successful without a sale.  The development, promotion and sale of products/service drive successful businesses, large or small. This exposure generates career opportunities in each area of marketing, and effectively equips you for managerial and executive positions in the field.

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This page was last updated on: November 19, 2018