Required and Elective Courses

All organizations, profit-oriented and not-for-profit, engage in marketing activities because all organizations must serve customer needs and wants to succeed. Careers in marketing include advertising, purchasing, retail buying, sales, brand or product management, store management, logistics, and events planning.

Marketing focuses on building customer relationships. It is a process that begins with discovering unmet customer needs and continues with researching the potential market; producing a good or service that satisfies targeted consumers; and promoting, pricing and distributing that good or service.

Marketing Degree Plan

Electives: (9 credits)

MKTG   3350   Advanced Marketing for Entrepreneurs    3 cr
MKTG   3360   Personal Selling    3 cr
MKTG   3370   Internet as a Marketing Tool    3 cr
MKTG   4315   Sales Management    3 cr
MKTG   4320   Business-to-Business Marketing    3 cr
MKTG   4321   Business Negotiation Skills    3 cr
MKTG   4325   Advanced Sales Topics    3 cr
MKTG   4335   Supply Chain Management    3 cr
MKTG   4354   Sustainable Marketing    3 cr
MKTG   4340   Internship in Marketing    Credit varies 

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