Information Systems Major

A Practical Major

The marketplace today is awash in data. However, huge data sets are useless without a trained professional who has the ability to shape raw data into something useful…something powerful.

No matter what industry or field you enter, companies rely on data and data analysis to provide tips to individuals and engage with clients. As all of these industries are transformed by technology, there’s a growing need for the data to be collected, monitored, analyzed, and managed.  Therefore, a professional’s ability to understand and apply qualitative techniques and tools is becoming increasing valuable in addition to traditional business areas such as accounting, finance, information systems, management, and marketing. As a result, data analytics path is an opportunity for students across all business disciplines to complement their major with skills in this fast-growing and important field.

  • You are a part of decision-making process: in a world where organizations globalize and flatten their hierarchies, companies must make more complex decisions and turn to more and better information aid in this process. Because information technology are critical to every aspect of every business in every field, you are a part of this process.
  • You provide leadership: using information technology and data science to develop solutions to society’s most pressing challenges.
  • You are well-connected: you are equipped for roles in environments with widespread integrated systems, impacted by mobile and web based technologies.


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This page was last updated on: November 19, 2018