Finance graduates have many career choices

As a finance student you will learn to...

  • Prepare financial reports, direct investment activities, and implement cash management strategies
  • Evaluate long-term investments and their financing
  • Become proficient in financial reporting software
  • Excel in communicating financial information clearly and concisely to internal and external clients
  • Understand the importance of ethics in the financial profession
  • Work effectively with people in project teams
  • Lead in the management of people

Finance graduates have many career choices. Typical positions held by finance graduates include: corporate financial officer, banker, stockbroker, financial analyst, portfolio manager, and personal financial planner.

Finance is the field of study that focuses on managing the finances of firms, financial institutions, and individuals.

Finance Major & Minor:

Finance Degree Plan

Accounting Elective Courses: (6 credits) 

ACCT 3308     Income Tax Accounting 3 cr
ACCT 3311     Intermediate Accounting I 3 cr
ACCT 3312     Intermediate Accounting II 3 cr
ACCT 3314     Cost/Managerial Accounting 3 cr
ACCT 3338     Financial Statement Analysis 3 cr
ACCT 4314     Advanced Financial Accounting 3 cr

Finance Elective Courses: (12 credits)

FINC 2331     Personal Finance 3 cr
FINC 3345     Real Estate Finance 3 cr
FINC 3353     Product Pricing and Business Analytics   
FINC 4332     Portfolio Management 3 cr
FINC 4336     Intermediate Financial Management 3 cr
FINC 4360     Options and Futures 3 cr
FINC 4362     Planning and Capital Budgeting 3 cr
FINC 4364     Business Forecasting 3 cr
FINC 4366     Entrepreneurial Finance 3 cr

A minor in finance consists of 18 credit hours. Only students majoring in business can minor in finance.

Finance Minor

Contact Information

Dr. Thomas Krueger, DBA,
J.R. Manning Endowed Professor of Innovation in Business Education
and Chair, Department of Accounting & Finance 

Phone: 361.593.3787


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